My nephew soared at Huntington!

When I discovered that my nephew had very significant holes in his skills and knowledge as he was about to enter high school I sought the assistance of the nearby Huntington Learning Center. The professional staff was able to quickly analyze where the holes were and to implement a personalized program to fill them. The effort was intensive but completed in a matter of months. My nephew seemed pleased to have the attention focused precisely on his needs and was able to see the demonstrated...

FROM: Bob Carroll

My son went from a 2nd grade reading level to 7th grade reading level in 9 months!

My son went from a second grade reading level to 7th grade level in around 9 months. Expensive? My son is now self-taught computer genius making close to 6 figures. But the real triumph was hearing his "I'm just dumb . . " turn into "I'm pretty sure I can do anything". Thank you Huntington!"

FROM: Jeffrey Litton

Palm Harbor Huntington is Exceptional!

There are many Learning Centers in town. But this Huntington Learning center in Palm Harbor is exceptional. I enrolled my son for study skills since he is going to college soon. Let me tell you this team of teachers/ mentors were just beyond my imagination. They helped him gain his self confidence and they put him first for everything. They wanted to have a meeting with my son's high school teachers so they would know how exactly to help him. This group of people are just beyond a learning...

FROM: Sue Som

Thanks for heloing me get a scholarship to college!

I studied with these guys way back when I was a senior in 2011. Very professional crew that really cares about performance. They improved my math score (my weakest area) up to a 26, so I can definitely thank them for the scholarship I earned at a well-known 4-year public university. Would work with them again (and earlier in my high school career) again if I had the chance.

FROM: Sam Bartz

The right place for your child to learn!

I have worked with Huntington on a professional basis for over 10 years, and even though I am now retired and my children grown, having seen on dozens of occasions the way Terri and her staff care and love their students like their own children, and can testify that if someone is looking for a tutor who cares more about their child in need than making money, they have found the right place

FROM: Rick Womack

The center gave us our son back!

Huntington Learning Center and the entire staff gave us our son back. They were able to help us understand how he learns and what he needs to succeed. Terri and Krissy provided outstanding support to our family. We are so grateful to Huntington Learning Center.

FROM: Jule Pollard

Stephan went up 8 points in his ACT score!

Great experience! All the teachers and admin are easy to work with. Very accommodating and most important you see results. Terri and Krissy truly become invested in seeing your child not only do well, but exceed their own expectations. I couls not ask for a better team to get my child ready for the next level. My son started at Huntington wth an ACT score of 21. He went up to a 29 and is currently a Jr. at UF.

FROM: Annette Delmas

Huntington helps in overall school success

"Huntington has helped me improve in testing, with studying, and in school. When choosing between answers, I can apply strategies learned at Huntington. My writing has also been greatly enhanced through the Huntington writing program. The math program is very detailed and has helped me get ahead and feel more comfortable with the math I am learning at school. Huntington has helped me with decision-making, school work, and tests to ensure I am academically successful."

FROM: Sanskar S.
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