Patrick is now an honor roll student!

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for our son, Patrick. When he started at your center, he hated school and was making very poor grades. He had very low self confidence and homework was a constant struggle. After just a few weeks, we saw his self confidence soar! Throughout the program, you worked with his classroom teacher to get him where he needed to be and I am proud to say that he made the honor roll with his last report card! We are so thankful for you and all that...

FROM: Jackie

I Feel So Much Better About The SAT

l so much better about the ACT, and I’m not even done prepping with Huntington yet. I’ve always had a hard time with math, but my tutor helps me understand it and figure out tricks to solve problems. She also helps me to time my reading and to focus on the important parts of the passage so I don’t have to rush. I feel like I know how to solve the questions. I’m taking the test in October and I feel really good about it.

FROM: Deborah W.

David Increased His ACT Score By 4 Points

My niece’s son is an outstanding student with a 98 GPA, and his goal was acceptance to the most selective computer engineering schools in the country. David enrolled at Huntington last year for ACT Prep. David had scored a 31 on the evaluation, but he needed help on the Verbal sections to get into the competitive colleges he applied to. His prep led to an increase from a 31 to an outstanding 35! David has been accepted to his first-choice school. Thank you, thank you, thank you for...

FROM: Marla S.

"My Son's Reading And Writing Skills Improved"

At the end of 1st grade, my son was struggling with homework and classwork, so I brought him to Huntington for help. Not only did his reading and writing skills improve, he became more confident. He wasn’t afraid to try a new problem or risk getting it wrong. The staff is amazing. They gave me tools and guidance to keep my son reading and working toward his goals. They tailored recommendations to what worked for us. Most of all, they listened to my questions and concerns. I’m proud of...

FROM: Teena L.

Huntington Has Amazing Tutors

Huntington has amazing tutors. They have helped me with the SAT, and also with basic skills for school. I haven’t had teachers like these before, always willing to help. I have seen the commercials. You’re not really sure what to expect at first, but after coming here—it’s all true.

FROM: Morgan S.

I Am Ready To Take Over The World

I love coming to Huntington. The people here are nice and very funny, and they are all like family to me. I think the teachers here are really smart. It might be a learning center, but it is a fun place for me. Huntington has helped me in so many ways. I feel I am ready to use the skills I’ve been taught at the center in high school. The center has taught me so much: Math, ELA, Reading, and Vocabulary, to name a few. They also taught me listening skills, and I am so much better at being...

FROM: Olivia H.

My Son's Grades Improved

When my son Richard started with Huntington in October, he was quite a handful, and we were told he would be retained. Today, he has improved with his schoolwork, and he is also an outgoing and social boy. He would have never made it this far in school without Huntington. Not only did his grades improve, he stepped into Kindergarten able to socialize with both adults and children. I will be happy to refer Huntington to any of his classmates who require help. Thank you for all the hard work on...

FROM: Kelly S.

Eleanor improved her ACT score by 5 point!

I am contacting you to tell you the good news about Eleanor's ACT score. She got a 27! Quite an impressive improvement from 22! We can't thank your team enough. All the tutors were great. We really appreciate everyone's flexibility to schedule sessions around Eleanor's volleyball commitments. I am so pleased with Huntington. Thanks, Helen

FROM: Helen W.
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