Huntington gave our daughter confidence.

In June 2016, our daughter's school recommended holding her back to repeat Kinder. We opted to take her to Huntington through the summer to prepare her for first grade. In four months, our daughter has gone from struggling with certain letters to having her spelling tests held up as the example to follow for the class. Reading books has become a source of pride, not a source of frustration. Sherry, Michelle, Mrs. Tommy Jean, Macy, all of the wonderful ladies at Huntington have done a beautiful...

FROM: Kayce M.

Huntington has really helped our kids be academically successful.

Huntington has really helped our kids be academically successful. The assessment determined their areas of strength and opportunities; the personalized programs help build the necessary skills to bring it all together. My kids are more confident in their abilities and have developed study skills to make school easy. The greatest gift to me (as a parent): we don't fight over homework anymore!

FROM: Laura P.


★★★★★ Huntington LaGrange Park has been awesome! All three of our children have been through here for tutoring and test prep. Hugely successful every time in raising test scores but the best part was in improving their confidence and calm attitude towards tests. Priceless!

FROM: Liz Vlahos

Skills and Confidence Increase

I have to let you know that Miyah is doing very well in first grade....her confidence is up and she is getting all her work completed....told me the other day that she misses her teachers at Huntington. Thank you for all you did for her.

FROM: Dot Herndon

Huntington Changed My Son's Attitude

Huntington Learning Center has proved to be a Godsend for our son. He has learned so much these past few months and all of his grades have greatly improved. He has a healthy attitude towards school and learning and his self-esteem has improved tremendously. Thank you so much. Faye Peterson, St. Augustine, FL

FROM: Faye

Madison ACT Improvement

Thank you Huntington. You have done amazing things with my daughter in just two months! The scores don't lie! Thank you for helping my daughter get the ACT grade she needed to get into her dream college!

FROM: Jenny

My son is more confident and motivated to complete his assignments!

My son attended Huntington , I can't say enough of great things! He is now getting all A"s and B"s. He's more confident and motivated to complete his assignments. Thank you!

FROM: Ella

Huntington Works!

Terri and her team do a phenomenal job of changing students lives every single day! They have provided help with tutoring or test prep to thousands of students and have shown the results. This program works!

FROM: Jim Patchett
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