RJ Got A 33 On His ACT Test And Got Accepted To Princeton!

RJ has been a Huntington student for a long time, and he just finished prepping for the ACT. He received a 33 on the test. I am thrilled with the Huntington program! RJ also prepped for the SAT II Math exam and received a 770 on the test. As a result, he was accepted to Princeton University. He is now taking courses as a high school senior to help him advance when he goes off to college next year. Thanks so much to Huntington for all of your help!


Kathleen Just Got Into Honors English

Kathleen just got into Honors English class, and she could not be happier. She really liked Huntington’s teaching approach, and we will be recommending Huntington to our friends and family.


Zachary Improved His ACT Score

We were disappointed with Zachary’s initial score on the ACT. He had a dream school, but with a 21, he would not have been accepted. After months of hard work and dedication, Zachary scored a 26 and was admitted into the business school at his first-choice college! We will not hesitate to speak on Huntington’s behalf, and we are so thankful we found you.

FROM: Mr. and Mrs. B

Young Kindergartner Worried About Going to School for the First Time

When my daughter started kindergarten, she was the youngest in her class. We never wanted her to feel as though she was not at the same level as the older kids. Huntington was able to tailor a curriculum especially to her needs. We saw dramatic improvements in her learning capability and she is exceeding in school. Thank you so much Ms. Jessica and all the Huntington teachers

FROM: Erin M.

Jayden Has Improved His Scores

"Last year, Jayden was getting bad test grades, and before coming to Huntington, he just didn’t want to do his schoolwork. This school year started much better. He is doing his homework without giving me any trouble, and his teachers say he is doing great. Now he is getting 80s and 90s. He still needs to work on studying, but he is doing much better than he used to. He doesn't mind going to school anymore, either. Now that he is trying, he is doing so much better. Huntington has helped him so much."

FROM: Jayden A.'s Mother

My Writing Has Improved

At Huntington, I've learned to write better sentences and spell better. I learned a lot of new vocabulary words and how to use them. I also speak more clearly when I read and I don’t have to stop like I did before. When I read passages, I learn more details now, and that makes stories more interesting. In math, I learned to work with fractions and how to do division better. I still don't like math, but it's not so hard anymore. My favorite part about coming to Huntington was learning from my teachers. It's always fun coming to Huntington."

FROM: Bianca M.

My ACT Score Increased By 5 Points!

My experience at Huntington was quite good. My teachers were very patient and consistent with me. My ACT score increased by 5 points! Huntington was a great way for me to learn information outside the classroom. It helped me develop the flexibility to learn in different environments, and I learned new ways to look at a question as well as increase my exam skills. Thank you for teaching me.

FROM: Rucchy A.

ACT score of 30!

Thank you for all that you did to help get Sara's ACT score up. She is a great student but we knew that improving her standardized test score would give her more college options. You were very knowledgeable in helping us decide which test was the best option and session days/times were very flexible. The 1:1 tutoring was just what she needed and we were very impressed with the tutor's knowledge. The plan you outlined worked to give her a composite score of 30 which was a 6 point increase! ...

FROM: Jonathan
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