Jack Improved His Study Skills

I can’t thank Huntington enough for their excellent teaching skills and for making learning fun for my son. You can feel the positive energy of the staff, and that is the key to reaching a struggling child. Because of them, my son Jack is no longer behind in school. The day my son picked up a book and read it on his own was priceless, as was our experience. We will miss coming to Huntington!

FROM: Jack B

Gabriela Improved Her SAT Score

Coming to Huntington has been a great experience for me. All the teachers are so helpful. Working with them, I was able to refresh my math skills, and I learned ways to take notes for school faster. Coming to the center also helped prepare me for the SAT. I was able to increase my SAT score, which helped me win a partial scholarship to college. Thank you, Huntington!

FROM: Gabriela R

Huntington Helped Me Get Better Grades

Coming to Huntington Learning Center has helped me to get better grades and become a better student. I’ve set a new goal for myself now that I’m doing so well: make the Honor Roll.

FROM: Imani M

Rich Improved His Math Score

Coming to Huntington Learning Center for ACT Prep has helped me to improve my math skills in Algebra and Trigonometry. My Math score has already gone up 3 points!

FROM: Rich P

Academic Skills

I would like to thank the staff at Huntington who provided great guidance as teachers and mentors and participated while my son struggled and he enjoys using every single skill that he learned. I want to express my gratitude for your patience and the fact that you never gave up on him, whether it was Math, Reading, Grammar or Spelling. My son sees all of you as his real heroes and wonderful teachers, and I can see why.

FROM: Anthony V.

Academic Skills Vast Improvement

Dear Huntington, I think that you really helped me get better in what I was bad in. You guys got me on track, so now I can keep my grades up and go to college one day. So thanks everybody, and I will miss all of you. I might come back or call once in a while. Karla P.

FROM: Karla P.

My son enjoys going to Huntington even on Saturdays!

Huntington is a great place. Both my kids have used Huntington for subject tutoring, ISEE, and ACT reviews. My daughter scored significantly higher than her pre-test scores and placed in the 99th percentile for the ACT. Huntington also helped develop my son's study habits, math, and reading skills and he enjoys going to Huntington even on Saturdays!


Final Essay of a 4th Grade Student

At school I felt like I didn't fit in. Because I have dyslexia, I thought other people would laugh at me.I didn't know how to read chapter books or sound out words. Writing was extremely difficult for me. After Huntington, I felt like school was easier. I can now do math more quickly. I know how to sound out words and look up new words in the dictionary. At Huntington I could be one-to-one with my teacher, and I thought this was very helpful because I could ask more questions. I am really...

FROM: 4th Grader
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