Awesome ACT exam prep experience at Huntington

I had an awesome experience at Huntington Learning Center. They targeted my standardize testing strengths and weaknesses, helping me build confidence in all areas of the ACT. My tutors were informative and supportive, guiding me to an increased test score. Very thankful for my time here!

FROM: Cassie O.

Help with ACT Prep

Our daughter struggled on her first ACT attempt - not only on the score but also with general test-anxiety and poor test-taking techniques, so we came to Huntington in January 2016 looking for some help.   After working with Huntington, she lifted her composite score from 21 to 27!  When she saw her results, she called me at work and was so happy she was crying. Looking at her results from a “super score” perspective, she went from a pre-Huntington 21 to a post-Huntington 29!   ...

FROM: Bruce and Karen D.

Money Well Spent

Liam did not meeting the minimum requirements for entering Kindergarten so we took him to Huntington. They developed an individualized plan for him. We were pleasantly surprised that after a month of tutoring, Liam's teacher said he made significant progress. We were even more delighted to learn that by parent/teacher conferences that Liam was fully caught up and doing well in school. We owe a big thanks to Huntington. I am confident Liam will benefit from their tutoring for years to come,...

FROM: Will H.

Teacher point of view

If your child is behind and has missed some basic skills, Huntington LC is a great place for getting your child back to the correct grade level skills and then above.

FROM: Carmen Shaw Tumelson

SAT student

The Huntington program was so amazing, it really helped me to understand what I did wrong and how we were going to fix it. I can now say I feel more confident about taking the test than I did when I first started. And I would just like to say thank you all so much for the time and work you invested in me, it really means a lot to me.

FROM: Jakwon Higgins

Mom's SAT experince with us

Huntington Learning Center (HLC) of Fayetteville, NC is a great place to get your child on track or back on track for any school subject or the SAT . The program is superb, however; the parent and child has to be active participants. I commend all the staff and tutors assigned to my teen. They instilled some of the most important study skills and hands-on learning exercises that one could only image. HLC has taught her to use the proper study skills efficiently. How to write more effectively,...

FROM: Clara Barkley-Solomon

One of our Mom's view

The staff and tutors were wonderful at Huntington of Fayetteville. They took their time and helped my son when I felt like I had failed him! He soared in reading after just a couple of weeks of tutoring. Also, Tasha was wonderful to work with and very understanding of situations beyond our control. I loved the fact that she understood our family situation and was willing to help us achieve our goals and allow us to work around obstacles. I truly appreciate everything they have done for my child...

FROM: Sharon Loes Ruiz

Wellington Student: I now qualify for 2 major scholarships.

Thank you for your time and effort. You gave me the confidence to go and tackle the SAT. Everyone was so helpful and you all wanted to see me succeed. Your efforts did not go unnoticed and I can not even begin to express my gratitude for all the teaches at Huntington. I am very proud of myself for attacking the SAT and I owe all of it to Huntington. I am so grateful.

FROM: Lydia P
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