My Son's Confidence Has Increased

I highly recommend Huntington for middle school tutoring. My child, who hated school, actually enjoys coming to the center multiple times a week, and his confidence has been boosted.

FROM: Jill M.

"Huntington Helped Me With Vocabulary"

Huntington has made schoolwork easier for me. Huntington helped me with long division, multiplication, vocabulary, and more.

FROM: Lilliana M.

My Son Is More Focused

Before I signed my son up at Huntington Learning Center, I dreaded homework time every day. Our usual routine would be my son having trouble focusing, crying, and me getting frustrated while two hours flew by. After his time with Huntington, he is a completely different student. He is more focused, and more importantly, he takes his work very seriously. Thank you for giving my family time back every day!

FROM: Lillian F

Johnathan Improved His Reading

Johnathan was in third grade when I first brought him to Huntington. He was struggling with reading, and I was frustrated trying to help him. He began to read with the help and encouragement of his Huntington teacher. Today, he is a Junior in AP English. When Jonathan was having a hard time keeping up in his math classes, Huntington provided the foundation he needed. With the assistance of his teacher, Jonathan is taking Honors Algebra. I give Huntington the credit. The program works. Now,...

FROM: Tiffany S.

Kenny Reached His SAT Score Goal

I want to thank all of the staff at the center for helping Kenny reach his SAT score goal. He applied to more than 20 schools, and he was accepted to each and every college that he applied to! He also received an academic award from every school. Thank you so much for all the assistance Huntington Learning Center provided. My daughter and stepdaughter have both expressed interest in preparing for the SAT with Huntington because of Kenny’s experience.

FROM: Tara B

April Gained Confidence And An Interest In Reading

Prior to coming to Huntington, my daughter April was not reading at all. She was struggling a lot in school. Once I brought her to the center, she improved tremendously. The staff members at Huntington were so helpful! They kept her motivated to come to the center, and she gained a lot of confidence and interest in reading. I just had a conference with her teacher at school, and they’ve noticed a major change from last year. I’m more than satisfied. It was definitely the right decision to...

FROM: Ryan C.

Nick Passed The ASVAB!

Everything at Huntington was great, right from the start. My teachers helped me prepare for the ASVAB, mostly focusing on Math. They were patient with me and answered all of my questions, and they were both great at explaining everything. I knew I needed to put in the same amount of work that the teachers were putting in for me, and it all helped me prepare for the ASVAB. I am happy to say that with their help, I passed the test, and I will be on to Marine training in Paris Island this coming...

FROM: Nick E

Jack Improved His Study Skills

I can’t thank Huntington enough for their excellent teaching skills and for making learning fun for my son. You can feel the positive energy of the staff, and that is the key to reaching a struggling child. Because of them, my son Jack is no longer behind in school. The day my son picked up a book and read it on his own was priceless, as was our experience. We will miss coming to Huntington!

FROM: Jack B
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