College Acceptance Celebration!

"I wish to thank you very much for all your help and support. I can add you to the list of people who have contributed to making Ilan’s story a success. As of today, Ilan has been accepted into ECU and WCU. If you ever need me to give a referral for your center, I will be delighted to do so. You are a wonderful team!"

FROM: Marielle B.

highest grades ever

Huntington is an amazing center. My grandson Josiah T. was having several learning problems in school. Since going to Huntington he has seen the highest grades ever. I have seen remarkable progress and an unbelievable difference in his confidence, school grades and love of learning. The whole staff is wonderful, patient, caring and very knowledgeable, flexible and professional,

FROM: Jean H.

Josiah T. learned the skills necessary in phonics and math computation

My son Josiah T. received excellent attention by the teachers for learning the skills necessary in Phonics, and Math Computation. These are just a few of the many learning opportunities offered at Knightdale Huntington Learning Center to improve a student’s academic achievement in school.

FROM: Willena T.

Brushing Up On Math Skills... And More!

My daughter loves attending Huntington Learning Center of Pasadena, Maryland!! I decided to enroll her in Huntington to brush up on her math skills...not only have her math skills improved, but her reading skills have also soared! My daughter and I are very impressed with the Director Mrs. Queen and each teacher! The teacher's are patient, they take time to explain any and everything the student may not understand. They want their students to succeed just as much as the parents!! Huntington...

FROM: Alicia Withoutthekeys

Thankful for Huntington!

Words from a high school boy at his Thanksgiving dinner table: "I'm thankful for Huntington because now I'm confident that I can make good grades and school is easy for me!" Wow!

FROM: Student's mom

Joseph passed the exam after just 20 hours of instruction

"Joseph went to Huntington in order to improve his scores in taking the ASVAB. He had failed the last exam and was extremely frustrated. After just 20 hours of instruction, Joe took his exam. Two weeks later he passed the exam. We were elated. Thank you, Huntington!"

FROM: Richard B.

Alex raised his grades and his confidence

"From the beginning, Alex loved coming to the center. At Huntington, he didn't experience any of the frustration that he had in school, and felt that he was learning from his mistakes. He quickly made progress, and we noticed a big change in Alex's confidence and motivation. Alex began to pick up books at home ask if he could read to us. We could not be more delighted."

FROM: Beth and Richard B.

Michelle raised her ACT score from 24 to 30

"I was intrigued by the one-on-one approach to ACT test prep. My daughter wanted to do this so bad- and be able to go to her dream school in California. As a parent, like most, I wanted to give my daughter every chance for this. So we signed up. She immediately came home more confident about her goal score {29-31} and talked excitedly about her teachers {Melissa and Jan}. Throughout the time, she was encouraged, built up and given the keys to success. We just got her scores back...30! That was ...

FROM: Danielle L.
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