You changed my life

When I first came to Huntington Learning Center I felt that I didn't know anyone or much about school work. Then I met new teachers and I grew to love how you taught me. When I didn't understand, teachers and staff quickly explained and helped me. I want to give a special shout-out to Carrie and Brianne, who worked with me when i was having difficulty expressing myself. I was way behind in school when I started and now that I have completed my program I am succeeding at school.

FROM: Gary A

Zoe improved her study skills

From Day One we felt Zoe was treated as family. She was taught how to approach her studies in a logical, organized manner and given sound skills from which she can continue to build and grow.


ACT Success

Jimmy completed ACT test prep at your center and increased his score 3 points to 31, and was accepted at his 1st choice college. Your ability to identify the areas he needed to improve, coupled with the great 1:1 tutors was the key to his success. Thank you for all your wonderful work with Jimmy. We will be telling everyone about your GREAT LEARNING CENTER!!


Logan enjoyed his experience at HLC

My experience with Huntington Learning Center was amazing! I have better grades now and that makes me happy! I have improved in probably all of my subjects. The staff at HLC was outstanding. They have helped me so much with my grades, and I really appreciate that. Thank you!

FROM: Logan N

Emily wanted to be on the Honor Roll.

In my one month here at the Huntington Learning Center, I have learned a lot. Varying from vocabulary to reading comprehension, you have helped me improve my skills. Huntington also taught me new and interesting things that I had not heard about. The teachers here at this center are wonderful. These people are the ones who have helped me to extend my abilities. Also, they have prepared me to to go further and work harder in order to pursue greater things in life. Meeting great new people,...

FROM: Emily - 9th Grade in Martinez

Clayton improved his grades dramatically!

To all of my teachers at Huntington, I want to thank you for teaching me how to be a better student. I have had fun coming here to learn. I will miss you when I leave today. I will try hard to be the best student this year.

FROM: Clayton - 3rd Grade in Evans

Huntington Helped

Huntington helped me with my math (multiplication, subtraction and addition). My math grade went up to a "B". Also my reading grade is now an "A". I will miss all the teachers very much.

FROM: Eric (student)

A Poem from a Student

I just wanted to say that you are the best teachers. You helped me succeed at Huntington and school. So to let you know that I really appreciate what you have done form me, I am going to write a poem: Rose are Red, Violets are Blue Huntington Keep Rocking and I will too.

FROM: Jasmine (student)
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