Exceeded her goal!

My daughter's recent ACT score exceeded her goal and she now has the confidence and motivation to take the test again to try to do even better. The helpful staff was very flexible working with my daughter's busy schedule.

FROM: Kathleen Finley Duthu

Alex exceeded his goal!

We had an awesome experience at Huntington Learning Center. Since we had very little time before the next ACT testing date.. we did the 32 Hour Program. My 17 year old son Alex was not thrilled to have to go to tutoring... in fact he was very negative. I really was dreading picking him up after his first session. But to my surprise, when I picked him up, his first comment was "I can do this." She kept telling us that he could improve by 2 points... which was what we wanted. We got back his ACT...

FROM: Lisa Salter Sweet

So Much Progress!

"We were beyond ecstatic seeing the report but it honestly told us what we already knew. He's been picking up books and reading more all the time. I can see the pride he has when we talk about the stories after he reads. Yes, it's 100% okay with us to give him the gc. He's worked hard, and I've been buying him books as a way to celebrate his good reports, but I'm sure he would love Goodberrys more. :) Thanks again for all the hard work. I especially think Ms. Hogge has helped really push Alex...

FROM: Rachel L.

2nd Grade Student is Reading Now!

"I have to tell you how wonderful it is to have him read me a story over the phone and then be able to tell me what the story was about!! My grandmother's heart just lit up!"

FROM: Mary W.

One-on-One Attention Causes Improvement

"Hooray! Thank you for all your help through the years.. We will remember you guys for any future needs!! I do believe that if it were not for the one on one attention provided by your highly skilled teachers, Mike would not be where he is today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

FROM: Mary C.

Excited About ACT Sores

"Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Cole and his tutoring...we were so excited with his score. Really appreciate all of your help and we will be back soon with the next in line."

FROM: Laura E.

Math Grade Improvement!

"Good news arrived yesterday. Isaac got his first ever 3 in math on a report card! Thanks to your team for all they did to help him achieve this goal!"

FROM: Rayna R.

Subject Tutoring at Huntington was very helpful!

The tutoring session was helpful because: - the instructor understood the basic fundamentals of the subject matter and was able to explain and help me understand the topics where I was weak. - he also worked/helped successfully complete the selected problems that I could not. And it wasn't a waste of $500. I got a B on my final Physics!

FROM: Cory R, U of H College Student
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