Can’t Say Enough about Huntington’s Test Prep Programs

We sent both of our teenagers to the Huntington in Naperville for ACT Tutoring. The program is extremely structured and able to meet the individual needs of that student. I love how they were able to quantify up front where they thought each student could improve their score. They also keep up with the latest trends of the changing tests – so you know your student is getting the latest thinking. The proof is in the results - both of our students raised their scores and got into their top...

FROM: Kelley D.

High School student Andrew J Improved in writing

Huntington has been quintessential in improving my writing skills. The tutors know exactly what they are doing, understand what I am doing wrong, and know what to do to fix it. They have greatly improved my writing and are kind and easy to work with.

FROM: Andrew J

Parents of a 4th grader speaks about A'karion's progress after Huntington program!

We came to Huntington because he had a rough 3rd grade. He had low scores and the teachers couldn’t tell me why. I was feeling very discouraged and lost. So, out of desperation and concern for his future, I brought him to Huntington for help. I am so glad that I did because they provided my son with skills and confidence to take on the challenges of the 4th grade. On the assessment test, he was on beginning 2nd grade level. Now, he is on 5th and 6th grade level. Huntington has put the...

FROM: Mr. & Mrs. Ford

Collin C. Improved his Test Score by 6 points

My experience at Huntington helped me achieve academic excellence, and reach goals that I previously thought were too high to accomplish. I had weekly one-on-one sessions with different teachers, each assisting me in different subjects preparing for my ACT test. They were unbelievably helpful, and have impacted the way I study, absorb knowledge, and test to this day. After going through Huntington’s test preparation program, I compared my final score to my previous attempt on the ACT test. I...

FROM: Collin C.

The Best Learning Center

Huntington is the best learning center that I have been too. I really love Mrs. Anum and the other staff they have been really good too me, and really helped me improve in my learning skills so that I can become a better learner THANK YOU HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER !!!!!!!!!! :)

FROM: Student: Gutierrica W.

HUGE improvements

This place is the best place to take your child if they need help with school work and tutoring. My daughter has done so well in her reading and math. This staff there is so wonderful. I really recommend this place for your child

FROM: Ms. Amanda Sturkie

He has just been invited to join his school's gifted and talented program!

Thanks to Karen, Jewel, and all of staff at the Huntington Learning Center - Weddington. We enrolled our son to help strengthen his math skills and also to help prevent "summer slide". He was a reluctant learner with ADHD and didn't really want to attend. Everyone went out of their way to make him feel valued and comfortable while working on his academics. He can't wait to go there! Well, now, when faced with academic challenges he says "Mommy, I don't know that answer but I am smart and can...

FROM: Keith & Kelly Anderson

Get into the college of your choice!

To get a scholarship to Kent State, I had to get a 1200 on my SAT. I had 1170. I desperately needed help on math to get those 30 points up, because while my reading skills were exceptional, I always could use room for improvement on math. The teachers were very helpful. The practice SAT's they made me take got better the more I took them. I started out with a 540 on math, and I got a 620 on my final SAT. My total score was a 1250. I got the scholarship! Thank you, HLC!

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