Improved GPA

Just want to say thank you!! Our son's GPA increased from 1.9 to a 2.1 there are fewer zeros for homework than before, so we have been recognizing his progress. Funny story - He got extra credit for English for volunteering to make the vocab list..which he did with words he learned at Huntington, Great example of bridging Huntington into life at school and how to work the system in a positive way : ) He also said he's starting to use techniques you guys have taught him in actual...

FROM: proud Mom 3/20/17

Congratulations and Thank you to the Foley Family! Good Luck this year Emilio!

Huntington was a great experience for me to learn material that would have been extremely difficult to learn on my own or only on the school curriculum. I was taught the details of all the necessary topics to cover without any unnecessary or extraneous information due to the personalized attention. I really appreciate the work and time that my tutor invested in my learning, as shown by his organization, knowledge, access to materials, and flexibility that not only he offered but Huntington...

FROM: Emilio Foley

Saying Good-bye to Our First Student! Thanks for always being awesome Greg! Good luck after senior year!

My Huntington experience, while at times was tough, was great. When I got here I was struggling with just about everything and I learned organizational skills, study skills and the basic skills in school to help me succeed. I can actually say with no doubt that if it weren't for Huntington I wouldn't be where I am right now. The care I received was always professional and I always felt it was customized to help me. From starting with the most basic things in reading and math to ACT, everything...

FROM: Greg Watson

Always available

Really appreciated how much the staff tried to help and always available with any questions or concerns.

FROM: Loretta F.

Julien's Summer Book Report

Congratulations to Julien on his summer program. Julien is congratulated by his teacher, Ms. Caitlin and his Grandmother. Julien finished his summer book report which is ready to turn in on the 1st day back to school. Julien now knows how to brainstorm his ideas using the characters, settings and plots. He can write a rough draft to help him finalize his writing. For math, Julien completed advanced addition and subtraction and began working on his multiplication facts. Julien is ready for 3r...

FROM: Mr. James B. and Ms. C. Queen

Our daughter went from a D student to a solid A-B student

“Huntington worked very well with our daughter and turned her from a D student her Freshman year to a solid A-B student in her Sophomore year. She has started out her Junior year with straight A's. They gave her the confidence and the tools that she needed to be successful. We highly recommend Huntington to anyone with a struggling student. Thanks for all the help. "

FROM: Doug W.

I can't say enough for what Huntington has done for my daughter and myself...H to a P in reading level...from 1s in her EOGs to 4 in math and 4 in reading

Huntington Learning Center is great. When considering tutoring support for your child, I highly recommend this place. The program they use helps identify specific areas of struggle concerning your child and they go in and help fill in the gaps, or lack of knowledge in subjects, to build a better, more solid foundation. In doing so, the student gains understanding and confidence and in return, has a better success rate... My daughter went from an H to a P reading level... incredible growth...

FROM: Amanda Horne Miller

A great investment!

Our daughter Natalie was struggling during test time on both ACT and SAT causing her not to score what we knew she was capable of. As parents, we wanted her feel successful so, we decided to invest in top notch tutoring at Huntington Learning Center. Because we were in a time crunch we opted for a six-week crash course and it paid off greatly! Natalie raised her score 4 points and now she is receiving select candidate applications/scholarships to 4-year Universities from all over the U.S. Thank...

FROM: Nanette
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