5th Grade Learning Center Last Day Essay

My positive experience at this wonderful place has taught me so much. I feel so confident to go on to 6th grade, and I feel so smart! Has Huntington helped me with school? Big, fat YES! See, when I was here a lot I noticed my report card and I felt better than ever at school. I feel more confident to go up to the smart board and find the answer. Have I changed since I first enrolled? Yes. When I walked in I had no idea how to do division or other things like some reading skills. When I told my...

FROM: 5th Grader

Thanks for the ACT Prep

Just a note of thanks for all of your help in getting my daughter, Kaitlin, ready for the ACT test. Extra thanks to all of the tutors - Megan, Bob and Sue to name a few - for all of their hard work and dedication.

FROM: Lisa

Testimonial From a 12th Grade ACT Student

When I first started the program I had a score of 21 and a sense that the test had beaten me. While working with Huntington I got a taste of success with every session: going over homework, taking practice exams...with every step, I became more and more confident in my understanding of the test. In the final weeks before my test date, I was most impressed with how much they offer you for review and extra practice. This program works and is possibly one of the best learning experiences I've ever...

FROM: Nick

Thank you

Thank you so much for the detailed plan. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. My son has benefitted greatly from your program and the wonderful people involved.

FROM: Jeannie

Thanks for helping me achieve my goals and follow my dreams!

Thank you so much for making my time at Huntington possible and for making my experience so amazing! Without your organizing my schedule and pairing me with incredible teachers, I would not be where I am today. I will be forever appreciative of the time and effort you put into my Huntington experience, an experience that helped me achieve my goals and follow my dreams!

FROM: Teresa

I was Accepted at Bronx Science High School

Thank you for all the help in tutoring me for the SHSEE. I increased my score from your tutoring and was accepted at Bronx Science High School. Your center made the difference for me!

FROM: Andrew Z.

You changed my life

When I first came to Huntington Learning Center I felt that I didn't know anyone or much about school work. Then I met new teachers and I grew to love how you taught me. When I didn't understand, teachers and staff quickly explained and helped me. I want to give a special shout-out to Carrie and Brianne, who worked with me when i was having difficulty expressing myself. I was way behind in school when I started and now that I have completed my program I am succeeding at school.

FROM: Gary A

Zoe improved her study skills

From Day One we felt Zoe was treated as family. She was taught how to approach her studies in a logical, organized manner and given sound skills from which she can continue to build and grow.

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