I Am Ready To Take Over The World

I love coming to Huntington. The people here are nice and very funny, and they are all like family to me. I think the teachers here are really smart. It might be a learning center, but it is a fun place for me. Huntington has helped me in so many ways. I feel I am ready to use the skills I’ve been taught at the center in high school. The center has taught me so much: Math, ELA, Reading, and Vocabulary, to name a few. They also taught me listening skills, and I am so much better at being...

FROM: Olivia H.

My Son's Grades Improved

When my son Richard started with Huntington in October, he was quite a handful, and we were told he would be retained. Today, he has improved with his schoolwork, and he is also an outgoing and social boy. He would have never made it this far in school without Huntington. Not only did his grades improve, he stepped into Kindergarten able to socialize with both adults and children. I will be happy to refer Huntington to any of his classmates who require help. Thank you for all the hard work on...

FROM: Kelly S.

Eleanor improved her ACT score by 5 point!

Hi Brenda, I am contacting you to tell you the good news about Eleanor's ACT score. She got a 27! Quite an impressive improvement from 22! We can't thank your team enough. All the tutors were great. We really appreciate everyone's flexibility to schedule sessions around Eleanor's volleyball commitments. I am so pleased with Huntington. Thanks, Helen

FROM: Helen W.

Huntington Helped Prepare My Son For College

Huntington helped my son prepare for the NY State High School Equivalency test. Within a few weeks, Evan gained the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to pass all five sections of the test. Huntington also helped him prepare for the CUNY assessments. We are proud to report that he will be starting college this fall. We were impressed with Huntington’s professional and caring staff. We were new to the testing process, and the center made us feel we were not alone wading through the...

FROM: Linda R.

I Am Doing Much Better In School Than I Expected

My time at Huntington has meant so much to me. Last year, I had poor grades, and when I first started going to Huntington, I had no interest, focus, or motivation for schoolwork. The center changed my life and got me back on track. Thanks to my Huntington teachers, I am doing much better in school than I expected. I learned how to get back up when I was struggling, I improved my concentration and focus, and I got better at interacting in the classroom. I want to thank the teachers and the cente...

FROM: Tejas

My Son's Confidence Has Increased

I highly recommend Huntington for middle school tutoring. My child, who hated school, actually enjoys coming to the center multiple times a week, and his confidence has been boosted.

FROM: Jill M.

"Huntington Helped Me With Vocabulary"

Huntington has made schoolwork easier for me. Huntington helped me with long division, multiplication, vocabulary, and more.

FROM: Lilliana M.

My Son Is More Focused

Before I signed my son up at Huntington Learning Center, I dreaded homework time every day. Our usual routine would be my son having trouble focusing, crying, and me getting frustrated while two hours flew by. After his time with Huntington, he is a completely different student. He is more focused, and more importantly, he takes his work very seriously. Thank you for giving my family time back every day!

FROM: Lillian F
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