Our SAT scores increased by more than 250 each!

I wanted to thank you all so much for your commitment and help in tutoring my brother and me for these past few months. I'm so excited about how much our SAT scores have improved, and I know it wouldn't have been possible without your help! Thank you for everything, and I will be sure to recommend Huntington to anyone who wants exceptional tutoring from great people.

FROM: Kate & Henry H.

Isaac can now do his own homework.

I want you to know how much I appreciate all that Huntington has done for Isaac. It is amazing what he accomplished since he started your program. He has progressed many grade levels over the short time he has been there. He is now capable of doing his homework with almost no intervention. His new reading skills touch all areas of his studies. I almost cried when I found out that he made the honor roll. I know it has not been easy. Isaac is not without his challenges. But you respected him...

FROM: Olga Y.

A+ experience.

Tried other educational centers and really no progress was made. At Huntington, the staff kept me in the know AND visited the school to get an accurate representation of how he was doing in class. The teachers made it fun for my son-who had long found school boring and dreaded going. He is a COMPLETELY different child. We will be back for ACT next fall!


Focus, Confidence and Test Taking Help

"My wife and I were very nervous about the new school year. We knew that Cathy would be taking standardized state tests and she had not been performing well in school. To help give her the boost she needed and get her on the right track, we enrolled Cathy at Huntington over the summer months. We cannot believe the fantastic strides that Cathy made in such a short time. We are very optimistic about her grades and test scores in the upcoming school year, and are very grateful to the Huntington...

FROM: David C.

Huntington Learning Center returns to West County

We enrolled our three sons at Huntington Learning Center back when they were in elementary school. In middle school and beyond, we could see how the skills they learned early in elementary grades at HLC continued to benefit them. Huntington helped them with homework and study skills, which led to their academic success. We are Huntington Fans!

FROM: Michael & Sally, Ellisville, MO Parents of Rockwood School District Students

He Is Doing Great In Math And English Now

Two years ago, my son was struggling to understand the new Math and English programs in his school. I called Huntington, and the center did an evaluation to identify the areas my son needed help. He is doing great in Math and English now, and he received an improvement award at school. My son has gained so much confidence in his work. Huntington has monthly meetings with us to show us the progress my son has made. If he fell behind or lost focus, the center informed us and provided suggestions....

FROM: Alison L.

I Love How From The Start, Huntington Guided Me Towards My Goal

I love how from the start, Huntington guided me towards my goal. After I took my first test, they immediately set up a meeting with my parents so we all understood what Huntington was going to do to help improve my score. My tutors were extremely helpful, and I like that the material went very in-depth into the methods I needed to solve problems. The additional testing, as well as the online prep, gave me additional help and is indicative of my progress.

FROM: Johanna C.

We Love The Fact That He Enjoys Going To Huntington

My son Elijah loved coming to Huntington over the summer. He would prefer to come here than go to regular school. I told him (as a joke) that he wasn’t going to Huntington one day, and he wouldn’t have it. We have seen the improvement, and we love the fact that he enjoys going to Huntington. He will be continuing through the school year.

FROM: A. Family
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