Final Essay of a 4th Grade Student

At school I felt like I didn't fit in. Because I have dyslexia, I thought other people would laugh at me.I didn't know how to read chapter books or sound out words. Writing was extremely difficult for me. After Huntington, I felt like school was easier. I can now do math more quickly. I know how to sound out words and look up new words in the dictionary. At Huntington I could be one-to-one with my teacher, and I thought this was very helpful because I could ask more questions. I am really...

FROM: 4th Grader

ACT Family Thank You

Our daughter is our second child to go through the ACT prep course with Huntington. Both our son and daughter have met their ACT score goals of 30 thanks to Huntington's prep course and the excellent tutors on staff. Each of our children were thrilled with the ACT results. Our son received academic scholarships this year to Marquette University and the University of Iowa because of his ACT scores and grades. In the end, the investment was definitely worth it!

FROM: Greg

Thank You from an ACT Family

I would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional support you gave my daughter during her ACT prep program. It was a wise financial investment for my daughter's future. We were extremely happy with the five-point jump in her ACT score, which was clearly the result of the study techniques she learned and the text-taking strategies she applied. I have and will continue to recommend Huntington Learning Center to our friends and acquaintances for the ACT prep and general tutoring program.

FROM: Theresa

Most Improved Student Award

Thank you. Sarah received the most improved student award and was a member of the Principal's Leadership Council.

FROM: Becky

3rd Grade Learning Center Last Day Essay

Before I came to Huntington, school was a little hard and I didn't know that much stuff. The teachers at Huntington are nice and funny. They taught me math, reading, and phonics. In math I learned multiplication, division, and how to tell time better. I didn't know how to multiply before, but now I'm an ALL-STAR PRO! My favorite part of Huntington is reading. I love it at Huntington. School is much easier and it is more fun than when I started third grade. This summer I'm going to read Reading...

FROM: 3rd Grader

Hannah went up 120 points in math!

Thank you Hannah's score went up 120 points in math! You folks are awesome.

FROM: Kelly

You helped me achieve my scores on the ACT

Thank you for all the academic support, counsel and time given during my tutoring sessions at Huntington. I couldn't have accomplished my goals without your collective guidance. Your continued support and encouragement helped me achieve my scores on the ACT.

FROM: Maria

5th Grade Learning Center Last Day Essay

My positive experience at this wonderful place has taught me so much. I feel so confident to go on to 6th grade, and I feel so smart! Has Huntington helped me with school? Big, fat YES! See, when I was here a lot I noticed my report card and I felt better than ever at school. I feel more confident to go up to the smart board and find the answer. Have I changed since I first enrolled? Yes. When I walked in I had no idea how to do division or other things like some reading skills. When I told my...

FROM: 5th Grader
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