After seeing significant improvement, we worked as a team and had Emily admitted into the 8th grade!

My daughter had a tough school year. Due to her illness, she missed many days of school and fell far behind, especially in math. The school’s child study team said Emily needed to be in the resource room for the rest of the school year or be retained. I did not accept that, and I chose to home school her. Emily also attended Huntington for the remaining school year and during the summer. After seeing significant improvement, we worked as a team and had Emily admitted into the 8th grade! We ar...

FROM: Mrs. H

My Overall Score Has Incresed 3 Points

I have been working hard to do well on the ACT. Through practice tests, my overall score has increased 3 points on the ACT – I had a 7 point increase in English and a 4 point increase in reading, which were my biggest areas for improvement. I’m feeling more confident about taking the test, and I’m ready to take the real thing!

FROM: Hannah H.

Huntington Has Been A Great Advocate For Zion

Huntington has been a great advocate for Zion in school. For two years, the school told me to see a behavior specialist, assuring me if he didn’t get put into Special Education, he would be left back. I knew my son could learn; he just lacked the motivation and tools. My son has only attended Huntington for a couple months, and I already see a change in Zion’s motivation. The center has such confidence in him and all of the kids who attend. The staff truly believes in them and doesn’t pus...

FROM: Mia A.

I Went Up 9 Points!

Thank you, Huntington, for all your help with ACT prep! I achieved my goal score of 28 – I went up 9 points! I couldn't have done it without you.

FROM: Tracy A.

I Can't Believe The Difference A Year Can Make

My daughter entered the first grade feeling anxious and spending hours complaining about not wanting to do her work or even attend school. She had no confidence in herself and very little motivation. I knew I had to do something, and that’s when I took her to Huntington Learning Center. I can’t believe the difference a year can make. All the teachers at Huntington did such a great job helping her with her reading and math skills, but more importantly, bring back her confidence and help her...

FROM: Maria B.

Went From A 19 To A 23!

“When my son decided to take the ACT and didn’t receive the score he was looking for, he was devastated. We decided to contact Huntington and see what we could do. We started instruction immediately, and within a couple of weeks, we started seeing an increase in his scores on the practice tests. When Ryan took the ACT 3 months later, he went from a 19 to a 23. Thank you, Huntington, for helping him achieve results.”


Your Exam Prep Program Is Wonderful

Your exam preparation program is wonderful. Thank you for helping to build my child’s confidence and content areas.

FROM: Lauren A.

Now She Can Read!

I have seen major changes in my child. When she came to Huntington, she could not read – and was entering 2nd grade. Now she can read! I told all my friends that Huntington works and that they have to send their children as well.

FROM: Jane R.
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