Huntington Learning Center in Windsor has helped my daughter significantly.

We were skeptical at first but in needed real help, as my daughter had some serious learning gaps. We are now 'fans' of the Windsor Huntington Learning Center, and continue to work with them to provide guidance and support for our daughter as she begins high school this year. We trust the professional staff at HLC, as they have earned our respect by producing verifiable results. In the end, it has been time and money well spent, and the result has been a great benefit to our daughter. I can...

FROM: Christophe Davis

My daughter went up two grade levels in academic skills!

My daughter Mia has made tremendous progress with Huntington. This summer she logged about 100 hours and moved up 2 grade levels. They have great teachers and staff. Ben really cares about his students and their progress. He even came to a meeting at school to give input and listen to her evaluations. It really shows they care at Huntington. Keep up the good work over there.

FROM: Marcy Bravo


"People say there are no words to describe... There are words to describe Huntington Learning Center, Miami, Florida and our son E. It's called a perfect match! They gave him the life he has now. He has confidence in himself, confidence in his schoolwork, and we know now he will be successful in life. This is saying a lot for our Russian adopted son who has Autism, (Asperger's Syndrome), ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Learning Disabilities." "Our son is proud of himself and says...

FROM: G. and M.

Bennett's SSAT scores went up 45 percentile points!

In a business environment where complaints rather than compliments have become the norm, I wanted to acknowledge the extraordinary positive experience my son, Bennett, had during his recent SSAT training experience at your center in Simsbury. Candidly, I must admit I was very tentative about what impact the course would have but you’ve made me a believer and enthusiast. Not only did my son increase his score almost 45 percentile points, but he had fun doing it and has also discovered that man...

FROM: Fred Ostern


They have the best phonics program and their teachers are caring and dedicated!

FROM: Lorie Broadus

Improved Her Test Score By 5 Points.

I did ACT Prep at Huntington and my score increased 5 points! I just received a Presidential Scholarship at USA. Thank you Huntington!

FROM: April Kasper

Mason raised his grades!

The grades are in! Mason made all A's and B's on his report card today!! So proud of him and his hard work. We couldn't have achieved it without everyone's help at Huntington! Thank you!

FROM: Lyn Erickson

ACT score, Hello UC DAVIS

It's not often that I take the time to write a review, but Huntington deserves my time. I have two daughters that have greatly benefited from the kind, caring, thorough, professional and tailored approach that Huntington applies. Education in this setting is not a one size fits all approach and I really think these folks care. Results are why we enrolled and we got them. I highly recommend Huntington! My daughter has been accepted at UC Davis! Mission accomplished. Thank you...

FROM: Greg
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