I Can't Believe The Difference A Year Can Make

My daughter entered the first grade feeling anxious and spending hours complaining about not wanting to do her work or even attend school. She had no confidence in herself and very little motivation. I knew I had to do something, and that’s when I took her to Huntington Learning Center. I can’t believe the difference a year can make. All the teachers at Huntington did such a great job helping her with her reading and math skills, but more importantly, bring back her confidence and help her...

FROM: Maria B.

Went From A 19 To A 23!

“When my son decided to take the ACT and didn’t receive the score he was looking for, he was devastated. We decided to contact Huntington and see what we could do. We started instruction immediately, and within a couple of weeks, we started seeing an increase in his scores on the practice tests. When Ryan took the ACT 3 months later, he went from a 19 to a 23. Thank you, Huntington, for helping him achieve results.”


Your Exam Prep Program Is Wonderful

Your exam preparation program is wonderful. Thank you for helping to build my child’s confidence and content areas.

FROM: Lauren A.

Now She Can Read!

I have seen major changes in my child. When she came to Huntington, she could not read – and was entering 2nd grade. Now she can read! I told all my friends that Huntington works and that they have to send their children as well.

FROM: Jane R.

Having My Son Attend Huntington Was Well Worth The Time And Effort

Having my son attend Huntington was well worth the time and effort. He is so happy, and I don’t have to fight to get him up in the morning. The staff was awesome and very knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again for my other kids if they need help with their school grades.

FROM: Dawn F.

Loved The 1-on-1 Attention

My son thoroughly enjoyed his time at Huntington. I received nothing but positive feedback from him. He loved the 1-on-1 attention, and he wants school to be like Huntington, because he learned a lot more there.

FROM: Ashley M.

Went From A 22 to a 30 On The ACT

Joseph went from a 22 on his practice ACT to a 30 on the actual ACT! Thank you to all of his tutors and the staff at the center for all of their help!

FROM: W Family

Finished Junior Year With A Solid GPA

After being alerted by my son’s guidance counselor that he was on the verge of failing multiple subjects, we made the decision to enroll him at Huntington Learning Center. Your team provided my son with the tools he needed to develop and improve his studying habits. They also provided him with a better understanding of the material he was learning in school. We are happy to report that he finished his Junior year with a solid GPA. We know he’ll take that momentum and strength into his senio...

FROM: Very Grateful Parents
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