Subject Tutoring at Huntington was very helpful!

The tutoring session was helpful because: - the instructor understood the basic fundamentals of the subject matter and was able to explain and help me understand the topics where I was weak. - he also worked/helped successfully complete the selected problems that I could not. And it wasn't a waste of $500. I got a B on my final Physics!

FROM: Cory R, U of H College Student

Lucy's SSAT Reading score doubled!

Happy Holidays! My SSAT score came out! I scored a total of 48% last time, but a 78% this time! And my reading score doubled! Thank you for being so patient and understanding the entire time. I wish you a happy New Year!

FROM: Lucy

Couldn't be more pleased. Money well spent.

I'm glad I enrolled. I have seen tremendous improvement in my child's grades and confidence. Huntington has maintained open and continuous communication between the parents as well as the teachers. Their staff seem well educated and have always portrayed professionalism.

FROM: Todd D.

They treated our children like their own and took them under their wings.

After a recommendation from a family member we gave Huntington a call. Extremely professional staff from the very beginning. My children (9 years old) love coming here. They attended daily in the summer to catch up and it worked! They filled in the gaps and worked on future items. We met with the staff often and we were always aware of what they knew, didn't know and what the impending direction would be. To our children Aleta, Heather and the rest of the staff were like family.

FROM: Julie M.

We have fun here too!

I think Huntington helped me in reading and math because I wasn't doing so hot in reading. In math, when I didn't understand percents, they helped me a lot. I laughed a lot with the tutors/teachers because I got to give them nicknames like, Taco, Karrot, Watermelone, ect.

FROM: Mya Tan

Helping Students

I have personally seen students improve multiple grade levels working with Huntington Learning Center in Carrollwood. Additionally no one does more to prepare students for the SAT and ACT than HLC Carrollwood.

FROM: Chris G.

University Acceptance

I cannot thank Huntington Learning Center on Dale Mabry in Tampa enough. Diane and her entire staff gave our youngest son the tools to be successful in college. Our son tutored with the staff for many hours for ACT/SAT preparation. He has received acceptance into 5 universities. Best gift you can give your children is education and we THANK the entire HUNTINGTON staff.

FROM: Colleen B.

Huntington Learning Center in Windsor has helped my daughter significantly.

We were skeptical at first but in needed real help, as my daughter had some serious learning gaps. We are now 'fans' of the Windsor Huntington Learning Center, and continue to work with them to provide guidance and support for our daughter as she begins high school this year. We trust the professional staff at HLC, as they have earned our respect by producing verifiable results. In the end, it has been time and money well spent, and the result has been a great benefit to our daughter. I can...

FROM: Christophe Davis
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