Three Kids-Help from Study Skills to SAT/ACT Prep and High Level Tutoring

I have had 3 children go to this Huntington Learning Center. They received help with everything from Reading Comprehension, Math and Physics Tutoring, SAT Prep, ACT Prep to study skills. I highly recommend this center! The staff have always acted in the best interests of my children. They are courteous and professional, timely in their communication to me, and flexible with my children when needed because of scheduling conflicts. My children asked to go for tutoring when they were having...

FROM: Lara

A 9 Point ACT Increase !!!

Alan, We are THRILLED with James' latest performance on the ACT! As you know,his goal was a 30; our goal for him was a 32. For James to exceed BOTH goals with a 33 was truly an accomplishment! He certainly improved from his initial tests when he was getting 24's and 25's. The program that you tailored for James certainly paid off ! Lastly, not only was the tutoring James received top-notch, but our family appreciated the support you gave us as we went through the process of determining which...

FROM: Jane, Craig, and James K

I'm Going To Penn !

Hi Lindsey, I just wanted to reach out to you all to let you know what's been going on with me. I took the ACT test in June and scored a 31. That was a huge improvement from the 24 I scored in March. I knew with that score that I would be set to apply to all of the schools that I was interested in. so I got busy sending out my applications. And now I am proud to say I have been accepted into the University of Pennsylvania, where I will be attending in the fall. I couldn't have reached this...

FROM: Mark M

My Son Got Into Penn

Hi Lindsey, I'm sorry that it has taken so long for you to hear back from us. Mark wanted to wait to see what college he ended up at before he reached back out to you guys. He is extremely happy to announce that he will be attending the University of Pennsylvania ! Penn was his first choice by far. We are very thankful to all of you for helping him make this dream come true. Please pass this great news on to all of his teachers. I will be reaching out to you in the next few months to get...

FROM: Lisa M

310 Point Increase On The New SAT !

Good Afternoon, Jenni's SAT score was 1160. Her first score at Huntington was an 850. Since then she has improved every time she's taken the test. Huntington helped her improve by 310 points! I knew Huntington would help, but did not expect this big of a jump! Jenni and I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us. Thank you very much,

FROM: Andrew P.

BEST tutoring my daughter has ever had

The BEST tutoring my daughter has ever had. They work hard at matching the best teacher to my daughters skill set. Their teachers are driven by a calling and it shows. It is pleasure working with everyone on thier team!

FROM: Soraya M.

Our son went up 6 points!

We were very pleased with Huntington Learning Center-Westwood for our son's ACT prep. He started with a 26 on the pretest and a few months later, he scored a 32 on the actual test. The instructors and staff were knowledgeable, kind and fun. We would highly recommend this center for test prep!

FROM: Tasha M.

Full Scholarship

Naja received a full scholarship to her top college. We could not have done this without Huntington's help in increasing her scores. Thank you, Huntington!

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