Made me a confident test taker!

It's been only a couple months since I've started Act prep at Huntington, ever since I was little I've always over stressed about tests and never seemed to grasp test taking concepts. I'd like to thank Ryan, my English ACT prep tutor, who not only humored easy concepts for me to grasp but allowed me to develop valuable skills that allowed me to earn over a 30 on the ACT.

FROM: Laura O.

It has meant so much!

This is a thank you for helping me prepare for the ACT. It has meant so much! I ended up with a 31 on the February ACT. I especially want to thank Jim, Nick and Alexyia for tutoring me and for taking their time to support me.

FROM: Isabelle G.

Douglas is very proud of himself!

I am so very happy with Douglas' success. Even better, he is very proud of himself. I cannot thank you and your team enough. I wish I had started with you as he would have been better off, confidence wise. Thank you, Huntington!

FROM: Lilly D.

Went up a whole letter grade in reading!

My daughter, Lilian, went up a whole grade level in reading after struggling for so long. We know Huntington is to thank for this. The teachers work very closely with Lilian and want her to succeed. Thank you, Huntington!

FROM: Jenna K.

Increased 280 points on the SAT!

My son, Tyler, went up 280 points on his first test after attending Huntington. He scored a 1220 and we couldn't be more proud! We are continuing with Huntington to see if he can get higher!

FROM: Ann D.

Increased by 320 Points!

My daughter Bhagawi surpassed her goal score and increased 320 points on the SAT this past January. We are very thankful for Huntington and their support.


A 34 on her ACT!!!

My daughter Shivaen got a 34 on the ACT in February. She still wants to attend to sharper her writing skills for the April Exam. Huntington has built her confidence and motivation to do well! Thank you!

FROM: Mrs. A

January and February SAT and ACT Scores are In-Fantastic

M- from Eastern 25-32!!!! E- from Cherry Hill East 920-1180! A from East 870 to 1210! R from Moorestown 1140 to 1480! R from Cherokee 1050 to 1290! J from East 25 to 30!!! These are a small sampling of our terrific results. These scores are giving students more college options and much more in scholarship money! Call 1-800-CAN LEARN Today to see how we can do the same for your student.

FROM: Cherry Hill Center
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