Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

29 to a 33 on the ACT!

Everyone was very accommodating at Huntington Learning Center. They supported Evan and made the process of taking this lengthy exam doable for him. The teachers gave Evan positive feedback and made it a good experience. He never once hesitated or complained to attend his sessions after a long day of school. He always spoke highly of all the teachers and enjoyed his time with everyone here. Everything was very positive at Huntington, and it really helped Evan get to a high score!

FROM: Stacey (Evan's Mom)

Evan went from a 29 to a 33 on the ACT!

All of the teachers were compassionate, caring, and actually cared about my well-being and education. This allowed me to form more amiable relationships with them, allowing the whole process to glide by smoothly and give me the best ACT instruction. The belief that they had in my ability gave me confidence and allowed me to excel.

FROM: Evan

I will recommend your services wholeheartedly!

Blessings to you and your staff as well! Alex made a massive amount of growth in the third trimester, and I couldn’t be prouder! Your team had my back and he thrived!!!! Knowing where he came from and where he has gone, please know I will recommend your services wholeheartedly! ❤️

FROM: Kristin A

"His progress is phenomenal!"

Jeffrey's Reading teacher stopped me the other day. She is gathering Jeffrey's progress. His progress is phenomenal and they are very pleased. Thank you so much for being our partner to assist Jeffrey. He worked so hard and his results are paying off. We can't wait to see where he goes from here.

FROM: Mrs. Alana S.

Huge impact on my son's academics.

I just want to thank Pheobe and the group one more time for the huge impact on my son's academics... My son had a big honors English essay and he was so worried about it, but after he turned it in his grade came out to be a 100%... he also got a 100% on his district performance task, he was so happy and proud... I remember the day we walked into your office he wasn't even going to be accepted into the Honors English class and he was receiving bad grades on all his essays. Now he is in honor...

FROM: Tamila G.

Highly recommend the Huntington Learning Center in Valencia.

We highly recommend the Huntington Learning Center in Valencia. We have been going there for several years now. The entire staff is wonderful! The owners, Phoebe and Clay are accessible, caring, supportive, and motivational. They have provided programs tailored to each of our child's needs. We've utilized their various programs from the elementary school level through high school, including ACT, AP, and SAT subject test preparation.

FROM: Rissey A

Got more than just a prep course!

Our daughter needed the one on one attention, very pleased with the teachers who knew her strengths and weaknesses...and progressed. They took some time aside from the SAT prep to ensure she was keeping up with her today school work and offered assistance where needed. Her overall grades improved at a time when she balanced 2 different sport seasons, going to Huntington, learning to drive, pressures of SATs, etc. I attribute this to the overarching study and test taking skills that are...

FROM: Mrs. Kim R.

D.L. got into Woodward!

Thanks to Huntington's SSAT prep program, D. L. received a score that got him accepted to Woodward Academy and a few other private schools for next year. We have decided to go with Woodward and appreciate you and Mr. Andy's help in getting him prepared for the test.

FROM: S.L. (Mom)
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