Math tutor to the rescue!

I can not say enough good things about Huntington Simsbury. If anyone wants their child to succeed, self advocate for their education and become a confident student this is the place. My children have been successful in school in part because of this flexible and intelligent staff of educators. Thank you Huntington Simsbury

FROM: Kristina Marco Giannini

From One of Our Teacher's

Huntington Learning Center is an absolutely wonderful place to work. As a teacher, I am able to instruct students who are making great educational progress, as well as developing a positive self-esteem. The entire staff is extremely friendly and is committed to providing an amazing experience for all the students at the center.

FROM: Mrs. Garza

Help with grades and social skills

We absolutely love Huntington Learning Center in North Arlington off of Six Flags/Lincoln Square...The office staff and teachers are great....My son Te'mon has been going there since summer 2016 and he has made great progress in school with his grades and social skills..I would highly recommend Huntington to anyone who has a child that struggles a bit and need some extra help...The investment is well worth it...

FROM: Mrs. Massey

He has improved his reading and math in a short period of time. 8/24/2017

Justin has enjoyed his time at Huntington. He has improved his reading and math in a short period of time. We noticed that he gains his confident in ready for the middle school this year. Thanks Huntington for what you have done for Justin.

FROM: Trish

Parent Testimonials about Amir 8-302017

Our son went through Huntington tutoring program in summer of 2017. He had a great experience with the program and all the staff and his reading was at bare minimum. Huntington helped him gain confidence and got him to faster read and better understand. He loved how they made math classes fun by playing some math games which helped him learn this way too. Overall, he had a really positive experience and always was excited to go for his next learning session.

FROM: Dzenita

Improved Study Skills and Comprehension

Our son was struggling in high school. He spent hours studying every evening, but still would do poor on test. Huntington in Royersford was able to help his study skills and more importantly comprehension. Happy to report that he's is getting all A's & B's!!

FROM: Susan P.

Hannah exam prep score went from a 1120 to 1530!

Hi Huntington Exton Staff! My scores came back and I'm so happy with them! I got a 1530! 560-reading 520-writing 450-math I appreciate all of your help and I am personally happy with my scores! Thank you!!

FROM: Hannah

Strong 4th marking period!

My 10th grade daughter is off to a very strong 4th marking period. She did great on her last quiz and has been getting all her assignments done on time. She is particating more in class as well.It seems to me that what she is learning with you is giving her the skills she needs to see success in the classroom and build her confidence so she is more willing to take risk with out a "negative" result affecting her. Thank you for all you do!

FROM: Shannon B
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