Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Caring and Helpful Staff.

We love the Pearland Center (Huntington Learning)! The entire staff are extremely helpful, caring, and competent. Their individualized plans are focused on helping each of my children thrive and reach their fullest potential. Thank you for all that you do and treating my children as family.

FROM: Ms. Mary R

Math score improving so well!!!!

I cannot express my gratitude towards this establishment in more ways than one. Our daughter has been attending Huntington since November and her Mathematics scores have improved dramatically since then and what’s more encouraging is that she’s taken an keen interest and understanding in the subject. To see to the light in her eyes instead of frustration as she understands a problem is remarkable to me and that wouldn’t be there without the helpful support of the tutors, and staff at...

FROM: Ms. Rose T

Ella Made Amzaing Progress

Ella began her program at Huntington in 7th grade, her reading level was two grades below her classmates at the time. Ella often told us that she didn't want to go to school, because she felt like "I am the dumbest kid in class!" After tutoring at Huntington Learning Center of West Frisco Ella was reading at the 9th Grade level! Her progress, and the increase in her confidence was AMAZING!

FROM: Kate

Improved the ACT test scores by 6 points!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Huntington. Our daughter improved her ACT scores by 6 points. This not only will get her in the college of her choice but have increased her chances of getting scholarships too. We can't thank you enough for all the attention and suppot.

FROM: Richard R

Very supportive teachers and admin staff!!!!

Huntington in Pearland Staff really cares about their students. My son is more confident and is showing a great amount of improvement in his academics. They are helping my son to meet his goals. We really love Huntington.

FROM: Paula B

Thank you beyond words!

I'm impressed with the initial testing that is comprehensive and not only evaluates a child's weaknesses & strengths but gathers information on how they think and their learning style. Phoebe took such care, patience, and understanding when listening to our concerns as parents and created a plan to support us as well as our daughter to help her feel more confident and successful in school. (short)...This is a huge accomplishment from previous failing test scores! This is a reason for...

FROM: Christina B.

Thank you to Ankeny HLC for job well done!

I like how energized and positive my daughter is after each session. I believe that speaks loudly of how much care and focus is placed on the student. Her confidence level increases with each lesson. I also appreciate how flexible the staff has been when our schedule change. All around an extremely positive experience and needless to say well worth the investment!

FROM: Parent

The Fairfax Huntington is much better for our child

We moved to this center after the previous center our daughter was attending closed down. The Fairfax Huntington is much better for our child. The facilities are much nicer and the staff is wonderful. Our daughter is working with a couple teachers she enjoys working with so much that she really looks forward to going to tutoring each week. Her reading has markedly improved and we continue to see improvement each week but most importantly she is having fun learning!

FROM: Brian DelFavero
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