ALL of his EOG scores improved!

My 14 year old son began tutoring at Huntington last fall. Our main area of concern was math but he also worked on study skills and reading comprehension. Before long, we began to see his grades improve as well as his confidence in his ability to do the work. Our home life improved as well. As he began to take more responsibility for his education, there was much less arguing about what he was or wasn't doing at school. At the end of the year, ALL of his EOG scores improved over the previous tw...

FROM: Amy B.

Staff and Teachers are amazing!

The staff and teachers are amazing. This is a seriously detailed program and it is at a completely individualized pace. My 4th grader had difficulties in the first semester of the year. The teachers at Huntington worked diligently to get his understanding and skill level back on track with what he was encountering in class.

FROM: Cherish D.

Huntington Learning Center is the BEST

Huntington Learning Center is the BEST on Camino Tass. Irum Zaidi, owner takes very good care of her students. My daughter is receiving Algebra 2 tutoring there. EXCELLENT support and a well run facility. Irum, the owner is a mom of 3 kids- just like all of us, running a family- and while running a successful business. She has earned my loyalty and I support her mission. I highly recommend her learning center.


Subject Tutoring for Spanish and Math

Teachers have helped my daughter tremendously!!!!


Growth in Confidence

Our grandchild has grown in confidence. The effect this has had on our family is wonderful. Academic success is growing! We are so grateful to Huntington Learning Center! Thank you so much!

FROM: Shelley C.

Fantastic Results

One to one tutoring with amazing tutors!


Anna improves her ACT score by 5 points

"I was greatly impressed by the level of teaching and by the professionalism displayed by everyone encountered. Anna enjoyed her sessions and felt like the tutors and staff took a personal interest in her....Besides helping her get a better ACT score, you raised her confidence which is almost more important than the test itself.

FROM: Shelly Nordling MKB

Great feedback from one of our parents

Huntington Learning Center is amazing and far superior to the competition. My son loves the staff, and they are all qualified. The owner, sales manager, and teacher, Gabe, Natalie, and Susan, are incredible. My son never gives me a hard time about going to tutoring because everybody there makes him feel very comfortable. Lastly, the best part about Huntington, is after one month my son’s reading comprehension went from 65%to a 95%. Today he just brought home a Florida assessment math exam...

FROM: Holly
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