I learned useful study skills.

I have learned many skills at Huntington that are going to be useful for me! The one thing that I have never been good at was studying for tests. Here at Huntington, I learned useful study skills that make studying more interesting and helpful. I have also learned better note taking strategies that will help me in school now and in the future. I have learned how to organize my time so that when I do homework or study for tests, I don’t waste my time with something not as important! My reading...

FROM: Maddie

I've become a better test taker.

Huntington has helped me prepare for the test beyond what I thought it would. When I took the first test, I was really nervous. By the last test, it was a piece of cake. I feel like my skills in all of the subjects have improved and I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve made. The ACT prep has not only helped me here, but also at school. I’ve become a much better test taker. The books made things so much easier to learn and the teachers are really nice. I’m really glad that I...

FROM: Maddy

Since being at Huntington I have made a huge leap in my grades.

During the time that I spent at Huntington I have learned a lot. Mostly on how to write essays, take tests, and study. Since being at Huntington I have made a huge leap in my grades. I now know how to study effectively for a shorter amount of time. I liked the people that I worked with and thing that they helped hugely. I can now take tests knowing the I know what to do. It has made a huge help towards my education.

FROM: Jacob

I can read a book with 50 words!

I like math at Huntington because I worked with numbers. I read at Huntington and now I can read a book with 50 words. I can read sight words now. I can read sentences now. First grade is going to be awesome!

FROM: Nadia age 6

Reading helper

I learned how to read interesting stories. I learned to do substitution and addition. I like to play in the green sand. I can use a reading helper to read in school. I like Huntington. I will miss my helpers.

FROM: Will

Have gotten better at writing

I have gotten better at math and gotten better at words. And I have gotten better at writing. I like it here. I reading about Nicky. I like school, Now I want to come back soon.

FROM: Makayla

Learned many great skills

At Huntington I have learned many skills. Writing, reading, vocab., and math. I hope they will continue to. Because they are great skills. I will use these skills by pretending I am here at Huntington working on the assignment. I will check all my work. And most of all take my time. I enjoyed working here. I will miss the extra support in my work

FROM: Matt B.

Summer classes

I have been going to Huntington for one summer. It helped me become a more fluent reader and help me read and understand more. I became better at math. Now I am faster at multiplication and division. I like the teachers because many are helpful and nice. I feel like a normal person doing things because I feel good about myself.

FROM: Kaitlyn
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