East Boise Math Tutoring

I have had two daughters at Huntington Learning Center this past couple of years. Both were tutored in Math. Thanks to Huntington, both are doing great in math at their school. I think the biggest change we saw was the improvement in confidence! They actually discovered that they could do well in math. If they struggle in the future, right back to Huntington we will go!

FROM: Karen S

Grandmother's Testimonial

My grandson's improvement was impressive. He likes his tutor and is happy to go for his tutoring sessions. The tutors and staff are pleasant, caring and very helpful.

FROM: Sharon F

Eight Point ACT Score Improvement!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Jen Hovey, along with tutor's Roy and Cindy, for the help and support they gave my son in his preparation for the 2016 ACT test. Their approach was organized, methodical and intensely focused on exactly his areas of weakness. The one on one weekly tutoring gave him the tools and road map he needed to take even his independent test preparation to the next level. If your child has the motivation and willingness to put in the effort, this program is an amazing...

FROM: Haley L

Great Experience

Our son had a wonderful experience at Huntington Learning Center in Elmhurst. He was preparing for the ACT exam. We are very thankful to have the tutoring our son needed.

FROM: Jennifer N

A Success Story

"Caitlin has been accepted to Appalachian State University as a freshman student this coming summer term, and it is her first choice of colleges. She is very happy and extremely surprised by this reward. Her HS grades are keeping up with the 4.2 current GPA. Without your great help and flexible schedules, I do not think she could've made it that far. I just wanted to thank you again with all my thoughts that Caitlin is very lucky to have you giving her study guidance, your friendship, and...


Huntington Helped Me Prepare For The SAT

Malcolm said "Huntington was so helpful throughout my preparation for the SAT. The tutors are incredibly kind and patient and really make a point of getting to know you and what you are like. Anyone who needs help, whether it be in school or standardized testing, should go to Huntington." THANK YOU!!

FROM: Harriet P.

3rd Grade Student's Confidence Soars!

Great experience with Huntington Learning Center! Our daughter had very little confidence with her third grade reading level. Now she's developed excellent reading skills and her confidence is up. Thank you!

FROM: Jessica Yates

SAT and ACT exam prep student

My daughter got SAT and ACT tutoring at Huntington. She thought the tutors were very engaging and knowledgeable, and that the experience benefited her a lot. Jennifer and Nicole are also extremely helpful and encouraging. I definitely recommend Huntington for improving test scores in a comfortable environment.

FROM: Lucy Zhou
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