They are fun, patient and kind!

Huntington has been an amazing help to me and my children. I have a special needs son and at Huntington he gets his own Special Education teacher. He has been there almost a year and he has come up several grades at least in each area. My other son is advanced. Debi, the owner, said they could bring him up in math as high as he wants to go! Wow! They are fun, patient and kind to each student and very supportive of each parent as well. I highly recommend them!

FROM: Grace H.

If your Jr. High Schooler is struggling, CALL HUNTINGTON!!!

We love Huntington in Citrus Heights! Our son has truly blossomed in the three months he's been attending. The staff are amazing! They have provided excellent guidance, not just to our son, but to my husband & me, as well! If your Jr. High Schooler is struggling, CALL HUNTINGTON!!!

FROM: Lisa K.

Recommend to Any Parent!

The staff are wonderful and care for each child in their own special way. The time dedicated by the staff is amazing. They identified problem areas and set goals. Each goal was met as described. They were always open to talk to the parents and open to additional concerns. I would recommend Huntington to any parent whose child needs tutoring.

FROM: David W.

Home Away From Home

I have been attending Huntington since my junior year in high school. I am now a junior in college and they have helped me so much. The staff at Huntington are just amazing! They want to see all of their students succeed and they are there for you whenever you need help. Huntington is like my home away from home. It is an amazing learning environment and all of the staff take their time to help you and explain to you what you are working on and they make sure you understand it. I can't thank...

FROM: Alyssa F.

Drastic Improvement in Grades

Love all the teachers and director! Always on point with my son. Drastic change in his grades.

FROM: Thuy N.

Very Accommodating Staff

They were very willing to work around our busy schedules and help make accommodations when needed. Everyone was so friendly!!

FROM: Stephanie H.

Improved Confidence

Our experience at Huntington has been AMAZING! We've tried other enrichment programs and none of them have instilled the confidence in our daughter the way Huntington has!

FROM: Michelle E.

School is Going Great

After going through Huntington's evaluation & seeing where Brittney was struggling we were able to put a plan together. Brittney loved her teacher & started seeing progress & because the help wasn't coming from Mom and Dad we weren't having the same fights/struggles at home. At Huntington, the staff visited the school regularly to get an accurate representation of what Brittney was doing in the classroom & attending meeting with me as an advocate for my daughter.

FROM: Tiffany V.
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