Marisa went up 8 points!

We found out this morning Marisa received a 31 on her ACT. She had gone up 8 points since her last score and were over the top with excitement! Thank you again for all your help and understanding of Marisa's situation. Mostly, thank you for believing in her so she could believe in herself.

FROM: Joan R.

Lisa Improved her Score by 5 Points

We are so happy with our choice to use Huntington Learning Center. Our child has excelled. /* */

FROM: Lisa

This center is truly amazing.

Our son attended other tutoring centers for five years before we found Huntington. He was a "c" student at best. Huntington tested him and put together a plan. They identified the holes in his academics, they developed a plan, they attended to their plan exactly as they promised they would and the very first semester after attending Huntington our son received his very first A/B report with High Honors! This center is truly amazing. It is certainly not the least expensive but the investment...


I'm truly impressed!

This center was highly recommended by many parents at my son's school. From testing to creating an individualized plan and using research based teaching methods, I'm truly impressed!!! When my daughter's ready for SAT prep classes, we are going here :) Thank you Huntington for providing an excellent resource for many families.

FROM: Karin F.

Their confidence has grown!

Thank you once again for your time and to the teachers that work with Maddie and Charlotte. Their confidence really has grown and I know they are happy working at Huntington Learning Center. We feel they are now ready to be challenged more in their work.


Improved Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills for 5th Grader

Before Huntington, my son's reading comprehension and writing skills scores were below average. After a year with Huntington, we saw a drastic improvement in his tests scores. We appreciate their staff for all their hard work and dedication to our son.

FROM: Kristen Hseih

Confidence and Reading!

August 25, 2016 My daughter started at Huntington Learning Center at the age of 4. When she first started the program, she barely knew her alphabet. Within less than a year, not only had she mastered the alphabet but she is now reading. H’s teachers have not only built her self-confidence up, but have made learning fun. It’s not just a job to staff, they actually care about each of their students. They have made us feel like family. I would highly recommend them to anyone. It has been the...

FROM: Wendy M.

"No More Stress and Arguing"

January 18, 2017 Dear Harry: A is doing so well at her middle school! It is such a big relief that “we” are not stressed out and arguing over math homework every night! I just wanted to say thank you again for all the encouragement you, and your staff have given to A. Huntington has really given her the confidence she needed in her learning abilities. If, and when, A ever needs additional tutoring I know where to come. Be well, and send our regards to all. Thank you. ...

FROM: Laura M.
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