Higher Level Math Subject Tutoring

I resumed pursuing my academic goals after an almost 8 year break. To reach my goal, college level mathematics was something I needed to complete and also something I've historically had difficulties with. Fortunately, Huntington tailors the needs of all age groups, including older students like myself (25), and also has professionals to handle any level of math. My previous semester I proudly completed college algebra at a 92%, with the assistance from very bright and well trained staff at...

FROM: Kirk Canfield

ACT score increase

My daughter used Huntington's to help her prepare for her ACT exams. She developed the pacing skills she has struggled with on standardized tests, and as a result, her test scores increased by a good margin and are more reflective of her true abilities. Jennifer was so supportive and helpful through the entire process; I feel very fortunate to have found her and Huntington's. The tutors were all wonderful as was the rest of the support team at the center. There was wonderful communication with...

FROM: Danette Henderson

Super sentences

Huntington is awesome! I am better at my multiplication facts. The time tales was a fun way to learn the facts. I can write complete sentences and super sentences by adding more detail. The teachers were very nice.

FROM: Gerrit


I learned many test taking strategies and the purpose if different types of questions. I think this will be very helpful when I take the ACT and any other tests in the future.

FROM: Alice

I like math at Huntington.

I like math at Huntington because I worked with numbers. I read at Huntington and now I can read a book with 50 words. I can read sight words now. I can read sentences now. First grade is going to be awesome!

FROM: Nadia- 6 years old

Huntington Helped All Three of Our Kids

Results, Results, Results! A shout out to the Canton Huntington Learning Center for the fabulous support they have provided to all three of our kids at various times. Dr. Wie Pan and his great staff take great care in understanding the need of your child and proving a customized plan to address that specific need.


William Improved His Grades and Skills

Huntington has completely changed my son's academic performance and his self confidence. Huntington tested William, determined his weaknesses, then developed a tutoring plan to bring him up to grade level and beyond. I am happy to report my son has gone from D's and E's to A's and B's. The staff at Huntington is amazing. They are extremely dedicated. They went the extra mile to talk with my son's teachers to ensure he was understanding the classroom material. Huntington is a great experience. I...


Overall average up to 92.3!!

Hi All ,just got S’s 4th period grades and thought you guys would like to know the results- Accounting- 97, CCC Business 225 Micro-97, CCC Health-85, English-92, Geometry-71, Traditional Gym-100, U.S.History and Government-95 ...for an overall average of 92.3. I thought you would like to know the results because WE fell they’re a direct result of what you all put into getting him to this point. So from all of us Thank You for your efforts and friendship.

FROM: Mr. and Mrs. S
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