Congratulations to Lauren Cecil for Completing Her Program!

I think that Huntington has helped me a lot because when I first started I was not doing good in ELA. Then when I was having a lessons on it [in the center] my grade started to go up. Now it has gone up a lot and I have an A! I'm glad I came here because it has helped me in all of my subjects. I like all of the tutors because they are nice and help you if you are stuck.

FROM: Lauren Cecil

"I improved greatly!" - Junjie Zhou

I improved significantly at reading and English thanks to Bruce. He was extremely helpful and would answer any questions I had. I learned multiple grammar rules that I did not know before and improved my score and pacing on the ACT.

FROM: Junjie Zhou

I think Huntington is amazing!

I think Huntington is amazing and this is why- they taught me how to take good, worthwhile notes. Note taking is a skill I use almost everyday in some f my harder classes. This skill also helps me retain the more important information. This is my 3rd years taking algebra one and I think I finally have a good handle on it. Over the past year we've worked on many of my trouble areas. The final reason I love it here is because of the staff. Bernie and Lea are without a doubt my favorite people...

FROM: Brittany

What have I learned?

I have learned how to do lots of math problems. I learned to slow down reading and to stow and think what is in the chapter. I learned how to spell big words. How will I use these skills in school reading and learning? It has pulled my grades up and it has helped me to be a better reader and how I want to do homework more.I hope people will read this and wil put their kids in Huntington because it will help your grades and your life goals.

FROM: Conner

Thank you, Huntington

We wanted to thank Huntington, our son needed help in math and reading. We felt comfortable from the first phone call. To assist our son in math and reading. To see where he needed help and the plan was set in motion. He has increased in both areas. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress he has made. The staff is so helpful. They care about their students and family, and that means a lot.

FROM: Susan F.

Madi got into her dream high school - Jesuit!

We just found out that Madi got into Jesuit! Thank you so much for all of the reading and vocabulary support you gave Madi. She used it for her entrance test, but she also found it helpful for her classes. Thanks again for all your help.

FROM: Tami M

Luke improved his study skills and confidence!

Thank you, Betsy, Luke gained some great study skills and confidence. You are so sweet and time with you and your team was a such a great experience.

FROM: Denise W.

My son got a huge scholarship thanks to Huntington!

I think that doing exam prep with you guys made all the difference in getting my son a scholarship to cover most of his tuition at UCSD. We are so thrilled with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat.

FROM: Jill M.
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