Grade Improvement testimonial continued

(cont'd) Since she started subject-area tutoring two months ago, her reading speed and comprehension have gone from the 29th percentile to the 86th percentile. Her math proficiency has gone from third grade level to almost grade level. The real improvement, however, has been her attitude. Her self-confidence has soared, and she no longer wants to skip school. I can't recommend Huntington enough!

FROM: Mary Ann Pace-Murphy

Fantastic grade improvement through the Learning Center Program

Both of my daughters are currently attending Huntington, my oldest for ACT prep and my youngest for subject area tutoring. I was already happy with Huntington when just my older daughter was attending Huntington. However, the icing on the cake has happened since my younger daughter started going to Huntington. She is in seventh grade, and was almost flunking out of school. She has struggled with school since first grade. She was so discouraged that she didn't want to go to school, and would...

FROM: Mary Ann Pace-Murphy

Phonics and Math Student

We had a great experience with Huntington. My son was learning Phonics and math with two tutors at the center. They were both caring and passionate about teaching. He was excited about coming to class every time and that said a lot about the teachers!

FROM: Kat Floyd

ACT Prep and Subject Tutor student

My son did ACT prep as well as subject tutoring at Parkcenter Huntington. His ACT score as well as his class subject grade have risen. His tutors are awesome and very concerned with his specific needs. He and I could not be more pleased with the results of the tutoring and thoughtful counsel provided to us. We are very pleased with our total experience at Huntington and highly recommend them.

FROM: Mary Eidson

Higher Level Math Subject Tutoring

I resumed pursuing my academic goals after an almost 8 year break. To reach my goal, college level mathematics was something I needed to complete and also something I've historically had difficulties with. Fortunately, Huntington tailors the needs of all age groups, including older students like myself (25), and also has professionals to handle any level of math. My previous semester I proudly completed college algebra at a 92%, with the assistance from very bright and well trained staff at...

FROM: Kirk Canfield

ACT score increase

My daughter used Huntington's to help her prepare for her ACT exams. She developed the pacing skills she has struggled with on standardized tests, and as a result, her test scores increased by a good margin and are more reflective of her true abilities. Jennifer was so supportive and helpful through the entire process; I feel very fortunate to have found her and Huntington's. The tutors were all wonderful as was the rest of the support team at the center. There was wonderful communication with...

FROM: Danette Henderson

Super sentences

Huntington is awesome! I am better at my multiplication facts. The time tales was a fun way to learn the facts. I can write complete sentences and super sentences by adding more detail. The teachers were very nice.

FROM: Gerrit


I learned many test taking strategies and the purpose if different types of questions. I think this will be very helpful when I take the ACT and any other tests in the future.

FROM: Alice
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