Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Great Staff

Everyone is extremely polite and supportive. We always feel welcomed when we walk through the door. They truly care about the success of your child.

FROM: Joyce W.

My son improved 10 points on his ACT - yes, 10!!!

Excellent experience with Huntington. Well worth the time and cost. My son had an individualized plan that helped him improve 10 points on his ACT - yes 10!!! This allowed him to achieve admission to his top college choice. They re-evaluate the plan as the student progresses through the program. If your student works hard they will improve with this program.

FROM: Beth Walsh

Julia increased her score dramatically

Julia surprised not only us, but herself, with a score of 1440!! 700-math, 740-reading. An increase of 90 points in math, and 70 in reading. Essay was a 7-6-7! We are very excited and happy with that score! Thank you for encouraging her and scheduling her with a tutor that was a good fit. She even mentioned wanting to take it one more time to try and improve even more. Thought I would pass on another Huntington success story. Julia was hesitant to be tutored at first, but now...

FROM: Beth B

We were fortunate to find this center.

I cannot say enough good things about Huntington Learning Center. Last year, my 4th grader was struggling at school with his Language Arts and math. His report card would come with very disappointing results. I was utterly frustrated .... So after 2 months his report card came with better grades which was amazing since it was after such a short time....He is much more confident and knows how to do his work, and we the parents learned a lot too to keep up with his progress. I highly recommend...

FROM: Elya H.

I just had to say thank you

I just want to thank Phoebe and the group one more time for the huge impact on my sons academics...My son had a big honors English essay and he was so worried about it, but after he turned it in his grade came out to be a 100%... he also got a 100% on his district performance task, he was so happy and proud...I remember the day we walked into your office he wasn't even going to be accepted into the honors English class and he was receiving bad grades on all his essays. Now he is in honors...

FROM: Tamila G.

ACT scores are in and we are thrilled!

We are thrilled to report that our son bumped his ACT score by 4 points...from an 18 to 22. No doubt he benefited from your program & instruction. And beyond the ACT test, I'm sure he'll be able to apply many of the strategies he learned from you in the classroom & beyond. Thank you for your patience & dedication in working with him. We are eternally grateful!

FROM: Marquette parent

Great Program and great Service

We have been impressed by the caliber of the staff at Huntington. The thoughtful assessment of our child gave us the confidence to invest in a prescriptive, in-depth program. Within the first week, we are seeing improvements in our son's attitude toward learning. R.S

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