Huntington Did Wonders

Chris, I can not THANK YOU enough for making sure that happened. Huntington really did do wonders for her and Joe and I can’t sing your praises enough!

FROM: Staci Cologero

6 point ACT increase!

The Lawrenceville Huntington Learning Center was AWESOME! The attention to detail they gave our daughter was phenomenal. They quickly diagnosed her strengths and weaknesses and gave her personalized strategies to improve the strengths and help eliminate the weaknesses. Our daughter's ACT score prior to coming to Huntington was above average, but she IMPROVED 6 POINTS with the help and support of the Lawrenceville Huntington! Big, big kudos to Colin, Mallory, and their team of truly wonderful...

FROM: Steve and Madeline Gubernick

Building strengths

Huntington will find both the strengths and weaknesses in your child's abilities in order to help them build upon the weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This builds confidence and takes the fear away from learning new things.

FROM: Mrs. Carolyn B.

Our son is motivated now!

Our son has been a struggling student until we found Huntington in Barrington. Now he no longer needs resource help for reading and is moving up in reading groups and math groups. Just as importantly, he now knows he is capable and he is motivated to try hard.

FROM: Robert G.

Your guidance and constant encouragement has gotten me this far, thank you so much.

I have gone to the Huntington Learning Center of Lawrenceville for many years now. The staff is extremely welcoming and accepting of all different types of students. Mallory and Colin do a great job of interacting with parents in order to form an interactive plan for the intended student. This center has had proven results. I have been accepted into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! It is one of my top-choice colleges and I wanted to remind you that I couldn't do it without you. I...

FROM: Nishanth G.

From the start, Huntington felt like a part of the family.

What an amazing group of professionals. I truly felt like they always had the best interest of my son at hand. There was never a hard sell - just the facts about how they could support his learning...AND they delivered. He absolutely flourished from our 3 years of tutoring here. From refresher summer class, to ACT practice, to subject tutoring in Chemistry, Physics and Calculus, he was always treated with respect, encouragement, gentle guidance and a touch of humor. We were definitely sad when...

FROM: Amy K.

Daughter always has positive things to say about coming to Hutington

1) The specialized curriculum that is specific to my daughter’s needs 2) The team approach they take with my daughter, her school and us. 3) The fact that my daughter is at HLC 2 hours after she spends a day at school and she never complains. She always has positive things to say! And it seems like she is actually having fun! 4). The tutors and staff at HLC actually care about my kid. 5). I can see such a huge difference in how my daughter approaches learning and her pride in her work!

FROM: Amanda D.

Individualized attention and adaptive learning environment

Individual attention, good instructors, periodic practice tests, detailed analysis of the test results to identify areas to improve, and adapting coursework to address those areas.

FROM: Sai P.
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