Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

I can't recommend Huntington Learning Center, Lewis Center, enough - worth every penny.

My daughter's reading comprehension increased by over 30%, and as a result, she went from a student who struggled to a mostly A (and a few Bs) student. But for me, seeing her confidence soar was the best outcome. We don't have tears every night when she is doing homework. She no longer has crippling test anxiety. This program will impact her for years to come, well beyond high school. She no longer hates school, she no longer is "sick" as often, and she has not missed any school. I really don't...

FROM: Kim Hartman

It has been one of the best things we did for our son!

The plans and goals are clear. Progress is made and you see the data. They are welcoming, accepting of all of their students, they are encouraging and always seeking to help the student improve. It has been one of the best things we did for our son!

FROM: Catherine M.

Alyssa got a 36 in ACT Reading/English!

For parents out there that will have students that will take the ACT or SAT, we highly recommend this place. Alyssa used them recently to try to improve her ACT score. She was able to get a 33 on her ACT after working with them. The staff was great and offered help with college essays and even reviewed some of Alyssa's essays over the Thanksgiving break.

FROM: Michelle S.

Erica raised her ACT score!

We are very pleased with the customer care and service. Our daughter was very pleased with her first visit. She truly enjoyed the class. Looking forward to returning for Day #2.

FROM: Joyce L.

Luis became motivated!

I’m a 16 year old who loves to do the bare minimum when it comes to homework. My mom signed me up for Huntington to better help my SAT. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all but after a few sessions it made the time fly so much faster while I was there and made me wanna better my SAT score. Huntington hasn’t only helped me better my SAT score but it has helped me as a student. It taught me how to sit down and and do something from start to finish, how to analyze a passage well, and also...

FROM: Luis R.

High School Tutoring

They have done wonders for my kids.

FROM: Kristen C.

Exam Prep

Proven results! Significant improvement in ACT score.

FROM: Lynne S.

High School Tutoring

The staff is amazing, and my daughter has improved so much while having fun!

FROM: Kim H.
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