Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you so much for your support throughout my SAT journey... I got a 1550 on the multiple choice! Thank you so much for supporting my process and helping ensure that I am successful in the exam!

FROM: Mahika

Brenna's ACT scores!!!

I wanted to let you know that we got Brenna’s ACT score back. She got a composite score of 30! :)))) The real difference was in her reading and English scores…she went from a 30 in reading to a 35 and from a 23 to a 33 in English! We are very happy with this score as it is several points higher than her first-choice school. Thank you again for your help. You and your staff were always so pleasant to work with.


Improved Confidence in Reading

Alexa, Director of Huntington, is always on her A-Game. She is so on top of everything I don’t know how she does it! Truly amazing teachers and staff. My Son, 6 years old, needs extra attention with reading and phonics. He didn’t have much confidence starting at Huntington but now, going on 5 weeks here, I must say his attitude towards learning is so much better!!! I can’t thank you all enough for everything you do. You all are amazing!!!!


It built her confidence!

Huntington gives a student that ability to get a tailored learning session to meet their individual needs, whether it be in a certain subject or area in need of improvement. My daughter attended Huntington years ago and not only did she achieve an increase in her testing scores, it built self confidence. I would recommend Huntington- you will see results!

FROM: Ms. Amy G.

Dependable Staff

I want to thank the Huntington staff for the flexibility and dependability as well as for helping my daughter with her math and PSAT test. She did very well for her first go at the test and I'm excited about the growth she will make with the continued support of the Huntington staff and teachers.

FROM: Nerd 4 Life

Wonderful Teachers and Director

I enrolled my son in Huntington to prepare for the STAAR test! It is the best thing I could have EVER done for him! His teachers used to complained that he was inattentive and uninterested in his schoolwork. i just had a conference with his teacher and she told me he has made a 360 turn. He is involved, asks question has raised his grades to a's and brought his teacher to tears about his progress! I am so happy to have Huntington Arlington on my side. The teachers are wonderful and the director...

FROM: G. Amin


GREATNESS in the making. I say this because Huntington Learning Center is doing something with my daughter that only 1 other person has been able to do ! They have helped her with her confidence and her reading has gone up about 2 grade levels in a very short amount of time. What ever they are doing it is working. I am not fighting with her to do her homework and her grades are getting better as well.I am pretty much skeptical about everything BUT seeing is believing... and now I am a believer...

FROM: Che Turn

HLC is the Best!

Putting (enrolling) my son at Hungtington Learning Center for his after school education is one of the best decisions I have made. The center faculty takes care of their students and sees to it that each student has gained knowledge and has learned his lesson after each and every class. Student is rated on the level of his performance and the faculty sees to it that the student has only met the subject criteria but has also excelled on it as well. I am very pleased with my son's after school...

FROM: N. Africa
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