Wonderful Experience!

This is a wonderful place to take your children to expand their learning capabilities. The educators and staff do an excellent job assessing your child's needs and incorporating the appropriate lesson plans to meet those educational goals. The working environment is positive and motivational, and the facility itself is clean and healthy. Without reservation, I most certainly will be taking my children back to this particular Huntington Learning Center as their academic needs change. I...

FROM: Mark S.

ACT Score Improved

Both of my daughters significantly increased their ACT scores. The teachers and staff are very professional and accountable. Highly qualified. My children liked their teachers too!

FROM: Yvonne N.

Julianna improved her SAT score by 260 points

Julianna received her SAT scores and was very excited to see the 260+ increase! We are so happy we brought her to Huntington!

FROM: Mrs. N.

SAT results....1200!!!! Yippee!!

TGIF Colin!!! Francesca received her SAT results....1200!!!! Yippee!! We are thrilled! Thank you Huntington and staff!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

FROM: Sharon

Parent testimonial

Huntington was a huge help for our son! We noticed a big increase in his confidence and no longer a struggle to get him to do his homework or study.


3rd Grader Feels Ready for School!

After being asked about tutoring at Huntington: "I think it worked because I'm not as nervous about third grade as I used to be!"


A great experience with SAT program!

We had a great experience at Huntington. Edwin and his team really make an effort to work with your child and you to maximize their performance. We saw a significant improvement in our son's SAT score that positioned him to pursue his career at the college of his choosing. Our son had a good attitude and was willing to do the work. Huntington enabled him to perform to his full potential. It made the difference in getting him into his target school and his superior performance even opened the...

FROM: Mr. Dwight W.

Ashleys Skills and Confidence Have Skyrocketed!

My daughter, Ashley, has been going to Huntington Coral Springs including during the summer and I can already see the difference at the beginning of this school year. Everything seems easy to her now especially math. Her confidence in school has skyrocketed. Thanks Huntington Coral Springs.

FROM: J. Huebner
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