Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Great communication!

I enrolled my oldest son couple of years ago and the progress he made was very impressive. Now i enrolled my second son for him to have a better understanding of the basics of fourth grade and help him with his weaknesses. The team is amazing. The follow up meetings show me every time what my son is learning. Thank you for the support and love you gave us every single time.

FROM: H. Family

ACT Scores

Both of my twins completed the ACT prep program at Huntington in their Junior year. We are very pleased with the entire experience. The program worked through both strategies and content that was individually determined through their beginning assessment. They both received a scholarship to the University of South Alabama. Scoring a 33 and a 30 gave them over $32,000 each in tuition!!! I would encourage anyone wanting that 4-6 point increase to come visit!

FROM: Kelli


We have been extremely pleased with Huntington. The tutoring here has helped our son so much! His understanding of the subjects has increased as well as his grades. Can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the people here at Huntington.

FROM: Bradley H.

ACT Success!

My daughter took the ACT prep course and improved her score 5 points to score a 31 at the beginning of her junior year. They really help you with the timing of questions and the test itself. The tutors were great with the subject matter as well. I highly recommend Huntington because it is one on one tutoring, they work with every aspect of the test, and you have to take practice tests in a formal setting.

FROM: Lorraine N.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Prior to attending Huntington Learning Center, my son experienced significant anxiety prior to standardized exams which negatively impacted his performance. After his Huntington experience, he was so confident and well prepared because the teachers helped him overcome his areas of academic weakness and also taught him valuable test taking strategies. I couldn't be more pleased.

FROM: Paula F.

Confidence has grown!

Since attending Huntington my 10 yr old son's confidence has increased. He no longer gives up after getting something wrong the first time. He is also not fighting me to stay home every morning like last year. He comes home with completed work and is able to engage more in the classroom because he is not completely lost! I enjoy seeing his progress from when we first started, and I am so proud of how far he has come. I would definitely recommend Huntington Learning Center. They have been a...

FROM: Jessica

My 4th Grader has learned to love learning

From the beginning, the staff has been warm and caring. They have made it fun for our daughter and are always communicating with us. It has built her confidence and something could be frustrating, going to more learning after learning all day at school, has become enjoyable for her!

FROM: Marianne

Improved Reading Skills

I have seen a marked improvement in my daughter's reading since starting at Huntington, but it's not just the improved reading skills that make me so happy. It's the fact that she enjoys going to the learning center and is building a love for reading. Lisa and her staff create a nurturing environment where kids can learn and feel free of judgment and get personalized attention to address their specific needs. Highly recommended.

FROM: Phoebe S
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