Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Academic Skills success

We love the Highlands Ranch Huntington Learning Center. The evaluation they did really helped us understand why our child was struggling. The program they presented made so much sense and it was totally customized. We are seeing such amazing results, we could not be happier. Our younger daughter will be starting here soon, as well.

FROM: Martin

Personalized approach

Very personalized approach that incorporates and encourages my child's strengths and builds on her weaknesses. Very impressive preparation and interpretation of her test scores. I would definitely recommend Huntington!


I can't say enough great things

I can’t say enough great things about this establishment, teachers and staff. We are so pleased with the progress our 1st grade daughter made during her time there. She was way behind her reading level and we were completely unable to help her at home. She was frustrated and so were we. Every day she told us her tummy hurt because of the anxiety she had from struggling to keep up at school. Only a few months later she is now keeping up with where she needs to be and on track to start 2nd grad...

FROM: Nichole Erickson

Increased to a 34 on the ACT!

Thank you for your help! We are thirilled with the scores. We appreciated the tutors' insights and the roadmap they created for our daughter.


I like the one on one tutoring

I like the one on one tutoring along with them going over all aspects of learning such as reading, comprehension, critical thinking, math and how to actually study which is very important in being successful in school.

FROM: Aurora L.

Caring and Professional

Staffs are very caring and professional. My 5-year-old daughter loves the staff and looks forward to her sessions. My husband and I feel that Huntington Learning Center has my child's best interest at mind and will give her the proper tools in becoming a competitive student in today's society.

FROM: Juanita M.

Learned so much in the time she has been there

My daughter learned so much in the time she has been there. The teachers really have spent a lot of time working with her to make sure she understands the concepts before moving on to the next subject. The owners are so sweet and really caring towards the students.

FROM: Tiffany T.

"Helped my daughter significantly."

Huntington has been wonderful for my children. My daughter has been here for a few years and it has helped her significantly. The staff and tutors are fantastic and always very nice.

FROM: Mrs. B Ruth
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