Thank you - Jack Welsby

I love how you work with the same instructor. They really get to know you well, and really focus on your weak spots. The customized program helped me make a 5-point improvement to my ACT score. Thank you, Bruce! Thank you Huntington!

FROM: Jack Welsby

Staying with Huntington

Huntington has been such a valuable asset to my daughter's education . She has been able to apply the strategies she has learned to her schoolwork with tremendous success. She will definitely continue into the next phase of tutoring with ACT prep.

FROM: Meghan B.

Huge Increase on the ACT!

My son improved his ACT score by 6 points after working with the instructors at Huntington KoP this past summer. The instructors helped him focus on his weak areas and reinforce his strong points. His tutoring work was instrumental in raising his test score and getting him accepted to an outstanding university. Thanks!

FROM: Ray F.

One of the best experiences

One of the best experiences I had with learning new material. Not only did they help with my homework in school (such as Math, English, and Science), they gave me additional practice to sharpen my skills and lay a foundation that benefited me to this day. They take the time and effort to explain material to children patiently. The staff WANT to see you succeed and not struggle. Their goal is to give you the tools for your child to be of aid in the future. Without their help, I wouldn't be wher...


East Boise Exam Prep Tutoring

Our high school age son had heard about other students who had taken standardized test prep courses from Huntington and done very well on their tests, so we decided to give it a try. He really felt that everyone at Huntington was rooting for him and that gave him big confidence. He loved the teachers, loved going to the center and was motivated to work very hard. He was ecstatic when his test results came in - they were even higher than he had hoped! He was able to cancel the second round o...

FROM: Linda S

SAT Score Increase of 440 Points!

Our daughter went there for SAT prep and enjoyed working with each and every one of the tutors. She really didn't have a favorite, because each one was knowledgeable in their field and easy to work with. They focused in on the subjects that our daughter was weakest in, but also reinforced test taking skills so that she could get full credit in all subject areas. They were accommodating with her hectic high school schedule and kept her motivated and on track. She was able to increase her SAT...


East Boise Math Tutoring

I have had two daughters at Huntington Learning Center this past couple of years. Both were tutored in Math. Thanks to Huntington, both are doing great in math at their school. I think the biggest change we saw was the improvement in confidence! They actually discovered that they could do well in math. If they struggle in the future, right back to Huntington we will go!

FROM: Karen S

Grandmother's Testimonial

My grandson's improvement was impressive. He likes his tutor and is happy to go for his tutoring sessions. The tutors and staff are pleasant, caring and very helpful.

FROM: Sharon F
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