I learned about units.

I learned about units. I learned reading rules like the Milk Truck rule. I enjoy meeting the teacher. They were fun! I can use what I learned when I write and when I read.

FROM: Lilly

I learned commas can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

During my time at Huntington, I learned the importance of being a good writer. I learned commas can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Also, double checking your work helps you find mistakes you didn’t see the1st time. In school I will continue to use COPS, double checking my work and taking my time. Huntington taught me how important it is to slow down. Rushing only makes my work sloppy and makes mistakes more easily. Thank you Huntington for helping me, I will miss you guys a lot!

FROM: Alex

I have become a more efficient writer and reader.

During my time at Huntington Learning Center I have much improved my skills needed for school. I have become a more efficient writer and reader, learned to break down essays while taking out the main idea and facts. Also I have learned to budget my free time better and tasks at hand. Finally, I plan to use what I have learned here at Huntington, and apply it towards school as well as everyday situations.

FROM: Ryan


I have learned how to comprehend a lot of stuff that I can read or hear. I plan on using that to understand what the teacher says and what I read. I have learned a lot of new words from doing vocab and I plan on using that in sentences I use and write in my homework and on tests. Huntington has helped me to raise my grades which I thank you for! Huntington also has made me more social because I use to be a little shy. I can read faster and fluently now thanks to reading all the time so that I...

FROM: Dalton

Huntington is awesome!

Huntington is awesome! I am better at my multiplication facts. The time tales was a fun way to learn the facts. I can write complete sentences and super sentences by adding more detail. The teachers are very nice.

FROM: Gerrit

Got into a higher reading group at school

I have learned a lot of things from Huntington. I learned to read fluently to get into a higher reading group at school. Some more things I learned at Huntington are to understand what I read by looking back and answering questions. Another thing I learned was multiplication and division facts. Math is easier at school now. My favorite part of Huntington was to meet new people.

FROM: Monica

I learned useful study skills.

I have learned many skills at Huntington that are going to be useful for me! The one thing that I have never been good at was studying for tests. Here at Huntington, I learned useful study skills that make studying more interesting and helpful. I have also learned better note taking strategies that will help me in school now and in the future. I have learned how to organize my time so that when I do homework or study for tests, I don’t waste my time with something not as important! My reading...

FROM: Maddie

I've become a better test taker.

Huntington has helped me prepare for the test beyond what I thought it would. When I took the first test, I was really nervous. By the last test, it was a piece of cake. I feel like my skills in all of the subjects have improved and I’m really happy with the progress that I’ve made. The ACT prep has not only helped me here, but also at school. I’ve become a much better test taker. The books made things so much easier to learn and the teachers are really nice. I’m really glad that I...

FROM: Maddy
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