Reading at Huntington

I have learned a lot at Huntington. I have learned that you do not need to be perfect at reading, you need to work hard. I have learned to read fluidly and quickly. The teachers have taught me to identify inferences and main idea. I have learned to use phonics. I have learned all about multiplication. I will use it every day to read and do math. Huntington helps develop school skills.

FROM: Bradley age 12


I have learned a lot at Huntington. They helped me with division. I have also learned a lot in multiplication. I learned to write a full sentence. They taught me what comprehension means. When I did vocabulary I could write sentence that had nine words in it. I can use this in school. I will learn faster and learn more. Huntington is a good thing!

FROM: Danial age 9


I have learned to be a fluent reader. I now know SQ3R. I can write amazing breath taking stories. I learned to write letters. I learned to do fractions. I learned to remember spelling words. I learned to be a thinker. This is what I learned at Huntington Learning Center. I will use this information to help me with my school work; I will use SQ3R in dear books I read.

FROM: Mary

Discipline and Determination to do school work

Huntington has helped me learn the importance of discipline and determination in my school work. In math they went from helping me with my multiplication facts to me ‘out smarting’ them with Algebra Pre-tests. In writing they helped me see how well I can write if only if I felt like I WANT to do it! And in reading, well, they helped me get a GREAT composite on my ITBS test. Overall I’ve had fun at HLC and can’t wait to come back for ACT prep.

FROM: Brianna

I Highly Recommend Them!

My son had three weeks to prepare for a SAT exam that would make or break his chances of getting into the engineering school of his dreams. Huntington planned out a tutoring schedule and started him immediately. They definitely take tutoring seriously and I couldn't be more thrilled! My son worked hard until his brain felt like it was exploding, he said. In the end, my son took the final SAT exam and raised his test score 90 points achieving 20 points higher than needed for the school's...

FROM: Donna M.

I am so grateful!

My daughter was failing math and I did not know what to do. I saw a commercial about Huntington and called and made an appointment. I went in for math but they developed a program that consisted of math and english. It turned out that the English was the bigger help. In the beginning of the school year she struggled a little but she just got her report card and got a B in algebra. I am so grateful. A big thank you to the staff of Huntington of Springfield, NJ! Especially Ms. Noel and Ms. Mariel.

FROM: Evelyne P.

Success Story!

"Just thought I would share this with HLC -- Here are the results from Noah's ACT that he took in Feb 2017 (2nd try). He did very well -- scoring 31 on math!!! A HLC success story :) He scores went up in Science, English and Writing as well."

FROM: Robyn S.

Last Day Gratitude

"Huntington has helped me improved my language, strengthen my skills, and do better in school. I became more confident and social because my English got better. I participated in class more and my grades got better as well. I not only did the work Huntington gave me, but also some tough school work like English essays, and a six page World History assignment. Here at HLC I was illuminated by the ideas and skills the teachers taught me."

FROM: Lucy L.
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