Briana SURPASSED her SAT score goals

Huntington has modified my whole way on how to take the SAT. They've taught me new techniques and strategies on how to break down the test. With their amazing staff and teachers they helped me become a better test taker and gain more academic skills. I 100% recommend this center. :))

FROM: Briana Lerma

Help your child reach his/her potential

Huntington sees the child's potential not the learning disabilities. The tutors have been extremely patience with my child. A teacher from Huntington was able to contact my child's school and attend to a teacher’s conference to find the best strategies for my child's learning. Last week my child was the student of the week due to the improvement is having thanks to Huntington! I appreciate how Huntington treats my child, Huntington is a great tutoring center!

FROM: Maria Stephenson

Jonathan LOVES tutoring

This is the best place ever. My son Jonathan loves and looks forward to every time he goes there to learn. Staff is very friendly and work well with all kids. They also reach out to your child’s teacher to active work on progressing him through the standardize testing.

FROM: Randall King

My wife and I are grateful to you

Your program greatly assisted our son to a very high level of achievement on his ACT score. As a result, he recently has been accepted with a scholarship to the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington. My wife and I are grateful to you and your fine tutors.

FROM: Frank F.

250 point increase!!

Congratulations to Chloe M for raising her SAT score 250 points and getting accepted into her 5 school choices!! Her hard work and dedication was reflected in her score.

FROM: Sykesville Staff

Long Term Commitment

Huntington is amazing! The staff & teachers are professional and caring, and the atmosphere is so warm and positive. My daughter began at Huntington 3 years ago because she was really struggling with 5th grade math & reading, and though She was passing her classes she had failed the STAAR test. She began going for 2 hour sessions twice a week and the improvement we witnessed was immediate. She is now in 7th grade and continues going to Huntington twice a week for one hour sessions. She has trul...

FROM: Kelly Ketron

Making Progress Each Session

Huntington has truly helped my child. He has improved so much in such a short period of time. The staff are amazing and genuinely care about my child's education. I am so grateful to have found Huntington. I don't worry about my child's education anymore because I know he is in great hands. The stress and anxiety about my child's future is gone and I can thank Huntington for that.

FROM: Conroy Mitchell

An increase from 25 - 34 on ACT Reading

Huntington offers personalized one-on-one attention catered specifically to my individual needs, which has drastically improved my ACT score. The teachers are patient and willing to explain everything to me over and over if I am struggling to grasp a particular concept. I would definitely recommend Huntington to anyone who is looking for effective tutoring!

FROM: Devon Ledbetter
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