Building Skills and Gaining Confidence

Our younger son dreaded going to school and we couldn't figure out why. We finally figured out, he was insecure with his schoolwork and behind his peers. We knew he wasn't the strongest of students but, we didn't realize how frustrating his struggles were. We brought him to HLC Waltham and found out that he had "cracks in his foundation for both reading and math." He started a five month tutoring program and we saw dramatic results. He now enjoys reading and is taking an advanced math class! ...

FROM: Kristen W.

4 Point Increase in ACT Score in 2 Months

My son raised his ACT score 4 points in 8 weeks. Staff is very attentive and caring. Would highly recommend.

FROM: Kim M.


My 3 children (age 12, 9, 9)have used Huntington Tutoring East Coob for the past 2.5 months and we have seen incredible improvements. The staff have been supportive and honest. My daughter had never been comfortable or confident in math. She is learning so fast and successfully and has an A in Math and a huge smile!

FROM: Marci Suddeth

Well worth the investment

Well worth the investment for our 3 children! We returned from two years overseas in Feb. 2017 and our children (6, 9, 11) needed intensive help to get on track with the local schools. After intensive tutoring several times per week, my kindergartner went from sobbing while trying to read, to easily sounding out words and reading. My older two children both made huge gains as well in their reading comprehension, writing, and math. The owners, Frank and Montsi, along with the tutors, create such...

FROM: Eve Williams

Student moved from 4th grade level to 9th grade Honors with Huntington

I typically hate writing reviews, I just don't have the time or energy to do them. BUT, NOW THAT MY DAUGHTER HAS COMPLETED HER TIME AT HUNTINGTON I CAN NOT HELP BUT TALK ABOUT THIS! My daughter moved up from a 4th grade (and a shaky 4th grade) reading level to ABOVE her 9th grade level. She was MOVED to HONORS!!! As others have also said, they DO GOOD WORK! They make it happen. Do this. Your child will thank you!

FROM: Jon J.

Increased SAT score by 200 points

I increased my SAT score by 200 points to a 1360. Thank you, thank you!

FROM: Tolu B. – Newark High School

SAT 1420

My son’s SAT score was 1420 (700 R/W + 720 Math – Reading -37). He has a full scholarship to George Mason and is looking at offers from other colleges.

FROM: Elizabeth M. - Tower Hill School

Scored a 33 on the ACT

Our daughter received a super-score on the ACT of 33. She committed to her dream school, Tufts University. Thank you Huntington!

FROM: Michelle D.
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