Made that Dream a Reality

My son went to the wonderful Eastchester/Scarsdale Huntington branch for ACT tutoring. He felt that the personalized instruction gave him the tools necessary to improve his scores and did he ever!! He went from a 28 to a 34/36 with a super score of a 35/36. He wanted to be able to pursue the Ivy Leagues and Huntington made that dream a reality. They catered to his busy schedule. I was amazed that they made it work. It was stress-free and economical. I have referred friends and I even decided to...

FROM: Laura M.

I just enrolled at Huntington

I just enrolled at The Center and absolutely LOVE IT!! Great staff, great education, GREAT EVERYTHING!!!!!

FROM: Antoinette

Huntington has been helping my son

Huntington has been helping my son, now in 8th grade, since he was in 4th grade. He was having trouble understanding and applying math concepts. We are in a great school district but he still needed extra help to become the A student he is today. They tested him and figured out that he never fully grasped the math concepts he was needing to utilize in his daily coursework. They started to fill in those gaps and kept working with him to where he is actually liking m

FROM: Kelly G

My grades have improved

The reason I came here was that my mom told me I had to catch up with my school's program pace. When I came here, I was scared and sure I would hate it. I was struggling because I didn't know my times tables like everybody else. I would take a very long time on Math tests and couldn't do certain Math problems that included multiplication. Huntington helped me tremendously. I started getting A's and before I knew it, I knew how to multiply.... I was super happy at Huntington. I loved of my...

FROM: FF 4th grade (Foremer Huntington Student)


My daughter was struggling in school. I contacted Huntington if see if they could help. within a few days my daughter took a test there and a few days after that she started a program designed specifically for her. I was very happy to my daughter improve her grades, and more important her confidence. She now has a better attitude about school and looks forward to going. THANK YOU HUNTINGTON LEARNING CENTER for having a positive impact on my daughter's education.

FROM: Francine C

I learned about units.

I learned about units. I learned reading rules like the Milk Truck rule. I enjoy meeting the teacher. They were fun! I can use what I learned when I write and when I read.

FROM: Lilly

I learned commas can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

During my time at Huntington, I learned the importance of being a good writer. I learned commas can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Also, double checking your work helps you find mistakes you didn’t see the1st time. In school I will continue to use COPS, double checking my work and taking my time. Huntington taught me how important it is to slow down. Rushing only makes my work sloppy and makes mistakes more easily. Thank you Huntington for helping me, I will miss you guys a lot!

FROM: Alex

I have become a more efficient writer and reader.

During my time at Huntington Learning Center I have much improved my skills needed for school. I have become a more efficient writer and reader, learned to break down essays while taking out the main idea and facts. Also I have learned to budget my free time better and tasks at hand. Finally, I plan to use what I have learned here at Huntington, and apply it towards school as well as everyday situations.

FROM: Ryan
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