Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Improved Reading Skills

I have seen a marked improvement in my daughter's reading since starting at Huntington, but it's not just the improved reading skills that make me so happy. It's the fact that she enjoys going to the learning center and is building a love for reading. Lisa and her staff create a nurturing environment where kids can learn and feel free of judgment and get personalized attention to address their specific needs. Highly recommended.

FROM: Phoebe S

Staff and Teachers are Phenomenal

The staff and teachers are phenomenal. Lisa is very compassionate about her students and works with a great staff, we can never thank them enough on how she and staff have helped my great granddaughter. For any parent who has any questions or concerns about your child educational needs whether or not they are making the cut contact "Huntington Learning Center ", they go above and beyond to meet those needs.

FROM: Judy B

The teachers understand my needs

My son has embraced the process. When I asked him why it worked for him he said “The teachers understand my needs.”

FROM: Sophia.G.

200 points SAT score increase

My daughter raised her SAT score 200 points in 8 weeks - true story! Thanks to the high-touch oversight of Mr. Raj and his crew at Huntington. They don't just teach - they track, they analyze, they strategize, they coach; they were my daughter's on-the-ground team for success on this test. I give them my highest recommendation!

FROM: Mr. N.G.

Effective Strategy

The staff is all very friendly and seem sincerely interested in my child’s success and overall well-being. Also, I believe the “drilling down” of areas of improvement is an effective strategy.

FROM: Kellie D.

An Invaluable Advocate for my Child

David is very knowledgeable about the different schools in the area and the different administrators and teachers. He has been instrumental in helping us navigate my daughter's freshman year of high school and the tutoring she received has been invaluable! I would highly recommend Huntington Learning Center to anyone looking for a boost in grades and support navigating the school administration. They have been amazing!

FROM: Nicole Matthews

Academic Skills success

We love the Highlands Ranch Huntington Learning Center. The evaluation they did really helped us understand why our child was struggling. The program they presented made so much sense and it was totally customized. We are seeing such amazing results, we could not be happier. Our younger daughter will be starting here soon, as well.

FROM: Martin

Personalized approach

Very personalized approach that incorporates and encourages my child's strengths and builds on her weaknesses. Very impressive preparation and interpretation of her test scores. I would definitely recommend Huntington!

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