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Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Our Son's ACT Score Improved by 6 Points!

Our son has gone there for tutoring and then for ACT prep. Worth the cost because the ACT prep program is one to one - which you don’t get with the other national prep programs. Tutors are invested in their student’s success. His score went up 6 points between the P-ACT and practice tests and then the real ACT.

FROM: Ingrid H.

From F's to A's! Our daughter's confidence has skyrocketed.

I love how the plans are individualized and if a student needs extra time to learn something, they give that time- and if they pick something up quickly, they move forward rather than bore the child. In 2 months, my daughter went from failing every subject to A's and B's on her last tests and her confidence has skyrocketed. Amazing.

FROM: Cassie B.

Great Results!

Huntington gave our student great results! Very happy with our investment.

FROM: Cathy L.

Highly Recommend!

"We are so happy with the Huntington Learning Center. The time they put in to customizing a program for my daughter to help her get a better ACT score is worth the money. They made sure she was with tutors that were a good fit for learning needs. We highly recommend taking the time to check Huntington Learning Center out for yourself."

FROM: Mary Beth B.

5-Star Google Review

We are amazed at the progress our 9yo son has already made in just a few weeks. The staff & teachers are all kind & knowledgeable, & it’s a very welcoming environment. We couldn’t be happier with how things are going. Our son has never enjoyed school & fell behind during the last year which made it even worse, but loves Huntington & looks forward to tutoring days. It’s so great to have him excited to talk about his day when we pick him up.


Individualized Test Prep

I am impressed with ability to decipher the exact skills which are missing either in math or English so we know what to work on. Response time is also great.

FROM: Pam S.

Avalee Improved Her Test Score by 340 Points.

Huntington is amazing! My daughters SAT score increased by over 300 points in less than a year on their program. The tutors and especially the director are so passionate about getting your child to learn better and think better. It shows in how efficient they are with scheduling sessions and making sure your child hits their goals right on time. My daughter says she could never have made a 1530 on the SAT without Huntington.

FROM: C. Cruz

Improved Study Skills and Math Skills

Mr. Sreenu, has been very attentive and dedicated in making sure that our son Josh is making great progress in his studies. I greatly appreciate the help from Josh’s math teacher as well as Mr. Sreenu in keeping him motivated and focus.

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