Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Great staff

I have been very pleased with Huntington Learning Center. They have a great staff and have provided my son with excellent support and education instruction. Thank you for helping my son find success.

FROM: Rachel T

Improve the ACT in hopes of being admitted to the Naval Academy.

My son has been working with Huntington for over a year now. He had a goal to achieve an outstanding score on the ACT in hopes of being admitted to the Naval Academy. His first practice test was a 17 composite score. Now he sits at 28! Huntington has been flexible and understanding while working with a busy kid. We owe them many praises for the work they have done with Jackson to achieve his dream! Go Navy!

FROM: Parent

Improved reading comprehension for 3rd Grader

So pleased with the results! My daughter went to Huntington at South Riding to increase her reading comprehension and math skills. When she started she was at a 2d grade level even though she was half-way through the 3rd grade. Huntington created an achievable structured plan for her and now she is heading into 5th grade more advanced. The staff are amazing to work with and very patient, which is ideal for young children. A huge thanks to the entire team at South Riding Huntington!

FROM: Heather H.


Huntington was amazing with my son. His ACT score went from a 27 to a 34. The investment in Huntington will save me a lot more money with the scholarships that my son will now qualify for. Kurt and Allison were super helpful, professional and accommodating. I would recommend them to everyone!!

FROM: Sandile

Great Staff

We used Kurt and his great staff at Huntington to get my son ready to take the ACT. They were amazingly helpful to us! Not only did my son get a great score after his prep time there, Kurt also gave us excellent and valuable information about colleges, super scoring and test taking strategies. We could not have asked for a better experience. We now have a very strong test score package to present to colleges! Fingers crossed!

FROM: Bill M.

Dream Score

I came to Huntington in early 2021 with a dream score for the ACT, but did not actually think I would be able to achieve it. After working with the amazing teachers and doing lots of practice, I reached my goal! The learning environment is very professional and the staff are very flexible to individual needs and schedules. The investment is definitely worth it!

FROM: Faith A.

Real Progress

Consistent Communication and real examples of progress.

FROM: Angela J

Great Experience

Great experience with Huntington! My son enjoys those sessions with the tutors and he can stay focused for the entire session, which is not easy for him. And the timely review meetings with parents have been super informative and helpful.

FROM: Cynthia
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