How Parents Can Work on Reading Comprehension with

How Parents Can Work on Reading Comprehension with
their Child

The school year is soon coming to an end. Do you find yourself asking if , after the year is almost over, that your child has truly learned to read?

Your child reads the words but can't remember the who, what, where, when, why and how of a story?

Here are some tip for your child to become a better reader with your support:

*Question--Think about why, What part is confusing, how could you make that part clear for your self. Talking through it aloud. What information are you missing that would help you enjoy this story more.

*Picture it-- After a chapter, write down three things that happened and what was the consequence or effect. Make flash cards of events in the story and put them in order.What happened first? And after that? Find the beginning, middle and ending of a story.

*Relate the story to your child-- What do you think about a character’s actions. Have you ever felt the same way the character feels? Is there some thing in the story similar to (or different than) a something in your own life?

*Summarize often--From itme to time, summarize for yourself what has happened.In a few words,What’s it about? What was the main
point or idea of the chapter you just read? Can you explain what happened in a few sentences to someone who dpoesn't know this story?

When you walk your child through reading a story or a textbook withg tips like these,you can reinforce the comprehension strategies that are taught in the classroom by practicing them with your child at home.
Teach your child to think while he or she is reading and to recognize when something doesn’t make sense.This kind of thinking is one of the keys to becoming a good student and will be invaluable for your child over a lifetime.

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