Happy Read across America

Happy Read across America


MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR READING TIME Designate a day and time where each family member in your household comes together for at least 30 minutes to take turns in reading something aloud. Whether it is a children’s book, adventure story, teen magazine or sports publication, you are promoting family time, and learning about your children’s interests.

BRING READING INTO THE KITCHEN Find a recipe for your next family dinner and ask your child or teenager to help you read the recipe and prepare the meal. Children and young adults always love to lend a hand in the kitchen and when it comes time to eat, he or she will be proud to say that he or she helped out!

ASK FOR HELP If you need assistance with encouraging your children to read, Huntington can help. Don’t wait, let us do for your child what we have done for thousands of others. Call 1-800 CAN LEARN today.

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