Do Good Students Benefit from One-on-One Tutoring?

Let’s say your child is doing well in school. Homework usually gets done without a struggle, and your student is diligent about studying for tests. Most subjects come relatively easy. Good grades are the norm. If this sounds like your child, do they need one-on-one tutoring?

There are some surprising benefits of tutoring for students who still perform well in school. Let’s look at some good, solid reasons for pursuing tutoring anyway.

One-on-One Tutoring for That One Subject

Every student has that one subject that causes them trouble. He or she may not be weak at it, but it’s a slight imperfection on an otherwise stellar track record. For many that subject is math. That’s because new math concepts are introduced all the time, and if your student doesn’t keep up it’s hard to stay afloat. That can wreck confidence in the classroom and during homework time. One-on-one tutoring can help your student get strong again in an area that could use help.
Look for Grade-Sliding Trends
Things may look good on paper this year, but when was the last time you looked at report cards over the past several years? If you do, you might notice a trend. There may have been all A’s and B’s before, but now those letters are slowly slipping. It may have not been a massive nosedive, so you never noticed it before. But that slow downward trend can keep building and affect your child’s test-taking abilities come SAT or ACT time. You may want to act on it now while there’s plenty of time to correct it things.
Beware: The Teenage Years
A popular meme says, “I know I’m supposed to be preparing my teenagers for life and all, but it’s hard when they already know everything.” Yep, teenage years can be a game-changer for any parent. When those years arrive, there’s a propensity to discover new things, find new friends and develop new habits. Your child may have had an enthusiasm for learning at once point, but that can erode as they age. One- on-one tutoring can help right the ship before it veers off course. Online Learning Can
Change Things
A little thing called COVID-19 changed the way schools operate, which means many are doing online learning. Of course, that’s affected the way we teach and learn. For some students, it hasn’t been a big deal; for others it has been a detriment. Online learning – and tutoring – can thrive under the right supervision. One-on-one tutoring can uncover problems from online learning and quickly turn them into successes.
You’re Less Available Than in Past
As much as your student has changed over the years, so have you. You may have a new job with a different schedule and responsibilities. There may be new, younger children in your home that put demands on your time. And of course, those kids and their extracurriculars pull you in many directions. In other words, you’re not always available – and that’s no knock on you. It simply means that life is different now. Having a tutor fill in the gap may be just what your child needs.
Your Child Doesn’t Ask for Help Anymore
Remember when your child used to come for you for everything? That may not happen as much because they have friends who they can call, or by visiting search engine that can answer most of their questions. If you notice less one-on-one time with your child is happening – for whatever reason – it may be time for one-on-one tutoring to offer that human touch again. A fresh, new perspective may be in perfect order.

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