Why Your High Schooler Should Still Take the ACT or SAT Test

During the COVID pandemic, ACT and SAT testing has been postponed repeatedly in Florida, leading to a domino effect that worries local education leaders. Some students are delaying their preparations for the SAT or ACT, or planning to skip them altogether.

We spoke with Kristi Anderson, Director of Huntington Learning Center in Lakeland, about the impact of SAT/ACT changes, and current misconceptions about colleges and universities making these tests optional. Huntington Learning Center is a Lakeland Sponsor, they have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about issues related to education, tutoring, and college prep.

Read a summary of our conversation below. Huntington is also available to answer your specific questions about ACT and SAT prep and tutoring, call 863-709-9600 to learn more.

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Date: Tuesday, June 23

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