DELAWARE SAT is March 4th

For public school students in Delaware in their Junior year, the SAT will be administered in their school on March 4th.  There are only 8 weeks to prepare!

Schedule a SAT practice test now so you understand which skils are not at mastery level and get a feel for what your SAT score will be from the March 4th exam.

Many students come to us 2-3 weeks before their scheduled exam date.  Then they find that homework and other school related activities prevent them from being able to schedule the needed number of sessions to have the drastic improvement in scores they are seeking.  Don't let this happen to you!

Contact us at (302) 737-1050 to schedule a SAT pratice test and mention this post to receive $80 off your SAT practice test assessment fee.

Date: Monday, December 23

Newark, DE Center

34 Possum Park Mall
GPS: 700 Capitol Trail
Newark, DE 19711

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