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Tips for Reviewing Your Child’s First Report Card of the Year

Issaquah, WA, 10/23/2018 - School is back in full swing, which means the first report card of the year will be coming home very soon. Stephanie Kennedy of the Issaquah Huntington Learning Center says that parents should take this first assessment of children's school performance seriously. ''A mistake we often see parents make is disregarding the first report card because it comes early in the school year,'' says Kennedy. She encourages parents to review the report card thoroughly and offers these tips:

Review for progress. Because this is the first academic checkup of the year, you should be looking at your child’s progress toward specific milestones and any comments from the teacher about your child’s achievement of grade-level expectations.

Identify strengths as well as weaknesses. Take note of what seems to be emerging as strengths for your child as well as any weaknesses. When you have the chance to speak with your child’s teacher at the fall parent-teacher conference, talk about both and get the teacher’s observations.

Open the conversation with your child. Once you’ve spent time reviewing the report card, it’s important to sit down with your child to talk about his or her thoughts on how the first few months of the year have gone so far. Talk about each school subject, of course, but remember to open the lines of communication about topics like study habits, how your child feels he or she learns best and any goals your child has for the remainder of the year.

Brainstorm ways you can offer support. Ask your child and his or her teacher how you can be supportive at home. Each year brings new expectations for your child as a student, and it’s important to get a handle on the appropriate level of involvement in homework.

Compare last year to this year. Since this is the first report card of the new school year, it’s worthwhile to compare how this year’s report card compares to the final report card of the prior grade. Your child is still progressing toward entirely new standards and goals, but it’s still helpful to refresh your memory on where your child struggled and shined last year to identify any patterns, concerns or strengths.

Lastly, Kennedy reminds parents that report card time is not the only time of year to communicate with children about school. ''Pay attention to low grades on homework, poor test scores and red flags like messy backpacks or your child consistently losing important papers or forgetting to turn in homework,'' she says. ''Most importantly, talk with your child about school. Talk with the teacher. Stay in the loop and make sure you're always aware of what is happening at school.''

If you have concerns that your child is struggling, don’t wait to get help. Problems that build up over time are more difficult to fix and can have a negative impact on your child’s confidence and self-esteem as the school year continues. Call 1 800 CAN LEARN to discuss Huntington’s customized plans of instruction designed to help children of all ages become stronger, happier students.

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