Amazing ACT Results

Please read below the wonderful email that we recently received from a former family. This is why we do what we do!

"Hi! So nice to hear from you!

Jordan got into her dream school, (and the only school she ever really wanted to attend), Lehigh. She is a second year engineering student now. Majoring in environmental engineering and wants to help the world to build clean water systems. She is in her favorite sorority, has a wonderful boyfriend, and although the work is extremely challenging, she meets it with grit and determination. She is also becoming a peer mentor for incoming freshmen's with ADD and learning differences. She has learned wonderful strategies to deal with her own challenges and now is helping others with that knowledge. This summer she also had a real job at a local engineering firm and has had real field experience. They love her and would like to offer her a job upon graduation. So her options are wide open! I am sure if it were not for Huntington she never would've gotten the score on the ACT that would've allowed her to attend her dream college, and thus move her life in the direction of her dreams. You always had faith in her. I was hard on her and underestimated her abilities, I can see that now.

Courtney is an entirely different student. It is mind blowing to me that she went from an 18 to 29 on the ACT. It is really a credit to Jennifer, who worked with her and recommended certain accommodations we never would have considered. Although Courtney only took the test one time, (and is refusing to take it again LOL), The schools she is interested in are well within her reach. As a matter fact, she is at the top or over the top of the range for GPA and ACT scores for the schools she is looking at. She wants to be a preschool special ed teacher and I know she will achieve that. She has such compassion and patience for people with disabilities and differences. Her challenge will be building confidence and riding through her mood swings, as well as dealing with her focus issues. I know she will also be successful wherever she goes.

 I hope you and your family are well. I am very grateful to you both!

 Thank you so much for reaching out, Marci O.

Date: Tuesday, August 15

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