How to Help Your Children Retain Crucial Learning Skills

Like all skills, reading, writing and critical thinking get rusty with disuse. Over the summer, now that they can put thoughts of homework and enforced learning aside, your child is likely daydreaming about swimming pools and sleeping in. They want freedom and fun.

How do you stave off the possibility they will forget everything they learned?

The answer is: Work with your child’s mental state, not against it.

Reinvigorating a Child’s Love of Learning to Avoid the Summer Slide

  • During the school year, learning is a regimen. It’s based on external goals, examined through stressful tests and generally has no element of choice. Children, even naturally curious children, recognize the difference between what they have to do and what they want to do.

  • There’s nothing wrong with taking a structured approach to learning over the summer. You can encourage retention of literacy skills through methods your child will enjoy.

  • An additional option (not mutually exclusive) is to utilize a long-term perspective. The end goal to most education is an elite college and competitive profession, as well as the ability to function highly in society. What motivates an individual to jump through hoop after challenging hoop to get there?

Ambition, yes. But also love. Pure enjoyment. The rush of experimentation. The wonder inherent to discovering new ways of thinking or new worlds on a page. Regardless of how you do it, make this summer about stimulating curiosity.

What methods have inspired your children to love learning?


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