Huntington Offers Advice for Effective SAT/ACT Prep


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Huntington Langhorne, PA Offers Advice for Effective SAT/ACT Prep

Langhorne, PA 7/18/17 – It’s that time of year when many college-bound students are taking or re-taking the SAT and ACT.  Philip Charles of the Langhorne Huntington says that the best way to prepare for college entrance exams is through plenty of practice.

For best results, Charles suggests:

Learn the ins and outs of each exam. Understand what is expected on the test, such as the time limit for each section and the number of questions. Some of the major distinctions that could impact a test-taker’s decision between the exams:

  • The ACT has a Science Test that tests critical thinking skills (while the SAT does not).

  • The SAT has one more reading passage than the ACT.

  • The SAT has some math questions that must be answered without the use of a calculator (the ACT allows the use of a calculator for all math questions).

Take a full-length diagnostic evaluation. This gives a baseline and determines the student’s strengths and weaknesses so they know exactly what areas to focus on.

Create a schedule. Dedicate the appropriate amount of time for each subject, considering teens’ strengths and weaknesses.

Cover all the elements.

  • Practice exams – Take at least two full-length, timed practice tests that simulate the actual test environment.

  • Speed work –Work on improving speed without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Stress management – Employ relaxation and stress management techniques

Plan ahead for a retake. Many teens take the SAT or ACT a few times to attain their best score. Summer before junior year is a good time to prepare for the SAT or ACT.  In doing so, keep in mind that many colleges have application deadlines as early as January 1.   The SAT is offered seven times per year starting in August, and ACT is offered six times per year starting in September.

Parents and teens who are unsure where to begin to can call the Langhorne Huntington at (215) 757-9333 “We’re adept at assessing students’ abilities and developing targeted programs to help them do well on these tests.”

Learn more about Huntington’s premier, 32-hour and 14-hour SAT and ACT prep programs at

Huntington Learning Center in Langhorne is the top rated tutoring center in Bucks County, serving the towns of Langhorne, Yardley, Newtown, Levittown, and Bensalem.  We're extremely proud of all of our teens who have incresed their scores considerably and have been accepted into the college of their dreams!



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