Tips to Teach Students to Focus on Learning Not Performance

By Huntington Learning Center

When it comes to school, grades are the end result of students’ effort and the thing that many students and parents focus on the most. But your objective as a teacher is to help your students learn. That means helping them acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in your class and beyond, achieve grade-level standards and be prepared for the next grade.  

How can you remind your students every day that the goal is learning? Here are a few tips:  

Talk about effort. Let students know that as long as they put forth their best effort, they’re doing their job. Sometimes students will struggle and need more support from you, and there will be times they fall behind because they don’t understand material. That’s okay, as long as they are trying and speaking up when they need help. Your objective is to become independent students, after all.  

Teach students to be proud when they succeed. Encourage your student to set goals and put in the necessary work to achieve them. When they reach the milestones they set for themselves, point out how they did so and what it took to get there.   

Share that mistakes are important. Mistakes are an essential part of learning, and teach students perseverance. Learning a new skill or subject requires patience and practice, and there will be setbacks. That’s okay. Let your students know that it is all part of the process and to keep at it.  

Strive for intrinsic motivation. Students who are inspired to learn because they want to learn are better off in the long run. Set the bar high for your students and be supportive. Congratulate them for their efforts and progress, not just their grades.  

When students put in effort and have the right attitude in school, they will learn much more than just the subject matter. They’ll learn how to apply themselves, persist through failure and work diligently toward goals. That sets them up for lifelong success!   

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