Tips for Teaching ADHD Students

By Huntington Learning Center

School can be a struggle for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As their teacher, how can you make things easier and less frustrating for them and for you? Here are a few tips and techniques:


  • Get to know students individually. ADHD doesn’t look the same for every student. Talk with your students about what methods they’ve tried to focus, and pay attention to what works best for them.


  • Incorporate brain breaks. Sitting for long periods is difficult for any student, but especially those with ADHD. Recognize when your students become fidgety, disruptive, or distracted and take those moments to move, which is critical for getting students back on track and re-engaged.


  • Set expectations. For many students with ADHD, the visual and audio reminders of the time (and how much time is left to complete tasks) is the best method of time management. Throughout the day, let your students know what they must accomplish (e.g. a worksheet) and by when (e.g. using a timer).


  • Embrace the checklist. Checklists can be a lifesaver. Incorporate them into transition time, working time, and preparing-the-backpack-for-home time, and encourage students to create their own checklists to have on hand during homework.


Huntington works with students who have ADHD every day and helps them focus on improving their areas of weakness, developing study skills, and developing reliable methods of staying focused. As you work toward classroom success, feel free to refer parents to Huntington as well. Our customized tutoring programs are effective with students with ADHD because we use targeted strategies based on evidence-based practices. Call 1 800 CAN LEARN to learn more.