Tips for Your Students Who Need Summer Tutoring

By Huntington Learning Center

Do you have a few students who had some difficulties this year? There’s no question that the school year has not been easy for many, but the good news is that you can help your students by encouraging them to get summer tutoring help.

Here are a few tips to offer students and their parents as you wrap up the school year:

  • Let students know that no problem is too great to overcome. The year has brought unprecedented challenges, and you may have students who are trying, but their effort doesn’t show, and others who have become disengaged completely. No matter the situation, students need to hear from you that things will get better, and summer is a chance to turn things around. Positivity goes a long way.
  • Individualized help is best. One size does not fit all, and if a student had a hard time keeping up in the classroom, they will find the most success and improvement with a tutoring program that is customized to their specific needs.
  • Share that next year is a new chapter. That means that summer break is the best time for students to address learning issues, acquire any missing skills, get back on track with organization and time management, and feel good about themselves again.
  • Remind parents of the urgency. If you’re in contact with parents, let them know that while summer is a time to recharge the batteries, it’s also important that they don’t let COVID learning loss merge with summer learning loss. Students who have fallen behind this year need help so that problems do not become worse next year.

Summer tutoring help from Huntington can make a big difference in your students’ lives. Refer parents to us and we would be happy to help their children. We work with students of all ages to help them rebuild confidence, discover their motivators, and find lasting school success, using our proven one-to-one approach.

Parents can call 1-800 CAN LEARN to hear more about our customized learning programs.