Tips For a Great First Day of School

By Huntington Learning Center

The new school year will be here before you know it. Start this school year the right way, putting your students at ease and setting the tone for a positive year. Here are a few tips to make the first day of school great:

  • Greet everyone individually. Ease everyone’s nerves and offer a warm, personal welcome to each student who comes through the door. Introduce yourself and ask each person’s name, repeating them as they are spoken.
  • Break the ice. Make everyone feel a little more relaxed with a few fun name games or activities that get everyone acquainted. This helps new classmates remember one another’s names, too.
  • Share classroom rules. Set expectations right away for how your classroom will run and what is and isn’t acceptable student behavior. Talk about your classroom management rules and the consequences for breaking them.
  • Go through the routine. Post the daily schedule somewhere central and review it once you’re finished with introductions. Your everyday routine is key to keeping your students on track – make sure they learn it quickly!
  • Run through any FAQs. Often, students want to know the basics right away, like when to use the bathroom, where to hand in homework, and what activities are allowed after classwork is finished.
  • Establish your procedures (and hang them in a visible location). If you want your classroom to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to explain your classroom procedures and practice them. Go over them on the first day and reinforce in the weeks to come.