Five Tips for Teaching Your Students Work Ethic

By Huntington Learning Center

You’ve probably wished before that all your students would have an excellent work ethic. Without question, it is a determining factor for long-term success. Students who work hard recognize that their future successes and failures are largely within their control and that the effort they put into their work is directly tied to outcomes. 

So, what can you do to teach your students a strong work ethic? Here are several tips: 

  1. Praise effort, not results. It’s easy to congratulate your students for those As and move along, but instead, take the stance that earning an A means a student was diligent about listening, studying, and doing homework. 
  1. Encourage students to take pride in what they do. Find ways to guide students toward personal satisfaction as they learn. Set the stage that you believe your students can succeed and give them some control over assignments. Consider allowing them to choose between essay topics or incorporate their personal interests into a science project. 
  1. Give them class responsibilities. Let your students know that they all play an important part in the classroom. Give them appropriate jobs, which helps you keep things running smoothly and gives them a sense of responsibility. 
  1. Set goals together. Have students set personal academic goals at the start of each semester. Set class goals together. Talk about how to break down bigger goals into smaller steps. This teaches your students how to work toward the things they want. 
  1. Teach time management. A productive student is a thriving student. Teach your students how to manage their time effectively, which combines self-discipline with goal-setting. 

Remind your students that so much is possible when they are motivated and persistent. The good work habits they establish today will carry them through life and guide them toward success in anything they choose.