Six Ways to Build Student Confidence

By Huntington Learning Center

A confident student has a much better chance of being successful in school and beyond. You might not be able to teach confidence, but you certainly can nurture it in each of your students. Here are six ways to do so:

  1. Loosen the reins. Maintain control over your classroom environment, not your students. Let them take the lead on classwork and assignments, and take on a supporting role.
  2. Pump them up. Tell your students that you believe in them and their abilities often. The more you do so, the more they’ll believe it, too.
  3. Foster the development of a growth mindset. Let your students know that you believe that there’s always something to discover and that learning never stops. They’ll start to recognize that learning is continuous and that their potential is unlimited.
  4. Set goals as a class. There’s something very empowering about setting goals. Encourage your students to take control of their destiny by putting on paper the endeavors that matter to them (and the steps they’ll take to achieve them).
  5. Embrace the mantra “Let’s explore that.” When students ask questions, don’t just give them the answers. Have them delve into new topics. Ignite their curiosities.
  6. Point out their strengths. You don’t need to do so publicly, but find opportunities to let your students know when they do things particularly well or when you see them exerting extra effort. They might not recognize those attributes in themselves.

Confidence is an important trait that you can help build in your students through your everyday interactions. In doing so, you’ll have a lasting positive impact that will serve them well in life.