Signs Your Student Needs Tutoring Outside of School

By Huntington Learning Center

It’s probably pretty obvious when a student is struggling in class, and as you know, getting that child help sooner rather than later is crucial. Here are a few signs that one of your students needs tutoring help: 

  1. The student is very behind. When students fall behind, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to catch back up, especially if the class moves at a fast pace. Also, falling behind tends to be a cumulative problem that worsens with time.
  2. The student is disengaged. Students who are disruptive, uninterested, or even angry often have something else going on that requires addressing. It could be that they’re embarrassed about their school struggles. Apathy is a big red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. 
  3. The student performs poorly on tests and quizzes. When a student’s homework grades are acceptable but they get low test grades, you might be dealing with a student who has poor test prep and study skills. 
  4. The student struggles to work on pace. Some students work quickly while others take their time. This is to be expected, but if you have a student who consistently takes longer than seems reasonable to do tasks, supplemental tutoring might help them learn where they can be more efficient and build skills they’re missing. 
  5. Your efforts to reach the student aren’t working. Maybe you’ve tried talking with a student and their parent, but your attempts have been ignored or met with resistance. A customized program of instruction that addresses the student’s areas of weakness might be just what they need.  

Have a student who you feel could benefit from one-to-one, individualized tutoring? Refer parents to Huntington: 1-800 CAN LEARN. We help children of all ages raise their grades and their confidence.