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Life Advice to Share with Your High School Students

By Huntington Learning Center

High school is a transformative time for students. There’s the obvious focus of preparing for college (and deciding if and where to go), and so many lessons to be learned along the way. Whatever subject you teach, keep in mind that your students will benefit most of all from your support and encouragement. Here are a few words of wisdom to share as they navigate the journey:

  • Be a sponge. The stress of planning out life is real, but your students should focus more on being open to learning new things and willing to stretch themselves.
  • Ask for advice. High school students don’t always realize how many knowledgeable people are all around them. Remind your students that reaching out to teachers, parents, family friends, and others will offer them many new perspectives.
  • Pursue sincere interests. Getting involved in something is worthwhile, but tell your students not to do so solely for the resume. They should join activities that sound like fun and interesting opportunities to grow and learn.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out. Some students have had their hearts set on a career path since they were eight years old, while others apply to college with no major in mind. Some students may even choose not to attend college in favor of a trade school or other path. Any of these scenarios is fine. Let your students know that high school and college are their chance to explore.
  • Be yourself. There are many social pressures in high school. Teach your students that fitting in isn’t as important as they think. Encourage them to look inward, not outward, to decide who they want to be, and to surround themselves with people who accept them as they are. They’ll be happier in the long run.