Knowing When You Need to Refer Your Students for Outside Tutoring

By Huntington Learning Center

This school year is certainly bringing its share of challenges for you as a teacher – adapting how you teach, supporting your students as they transition back into school after being out of the classroom setting for such a long time, and helping them regain lost skills, to name a few.

It’s easier for some students to get back on track than it is for others. When you know a student is struggling but you’re not getting through to them, referring them for tutoring might be the best way to help them. Here are a few signs beyond poor grades that it is time to do so:

They’re often behind. It’s natural for some students to have difficulty grasping concepts you go over in class from time to time, but if you see this more often than not, the issue needs further investigation. Some students might have learning issues, while others might have poor time management and study skills, or other challenges.

They are disengaged. When you notice students seeming hopeless or completely indifferent about school, there could be a variety of causes. Certainly, remote or hybrid learning could exacerbate the situation, making these students feel even more disconnected to school.

Work turned in is often incomplete or of low quality. Students who don’t know how to do things will struggle with asynchronous learning. If you’re seeing students turning in half-finished or poor-quality work on a regular basis, the issue could be gaps in skills that widened during COVID-19 and over the summer.

Work is missing altogether. Students who are forgetful about handing in work are probably disorganized, but the problem could also be underdeveloped study skills and gaps in knowledge.

You know they’re trying, but it doesn’t show. Some students turn in schoolwork and participate in class and in synchronous learning, yet their grades on quizzes, tests, and assignments are consistently low. It’s important to get to the root of the problem so these students are able to retain what they learn and prove that knowledge on assignments and exams.

Huntington is here to help your students this school year! We welcome the opportunity to work with teachers and schools when students need additional support on a one-to-one basis. Call 1-800 CAN LEARN to find out more about our customized learning programs for students of all ages.