The Importance of Routine in the Classroom

By Huntington Learning Center

As a teacher, you know that the most successful students are those who are organized and efficient and who embrace solid routines. In our work with thousands of children every day at Huntington locations around the country, we have discovered a few truths about routines and why they can mean the difference between a successful student and a struggling student. 

Here are some tips to share with your students and their parents: 

  1. Routines help students become independent and responsible. Routines put the onus on students to get things done, which instills in them a sense of responsibility. Such structure also encourages students to take ownership and pride in their work.
  2. Routines get students thinking about their goals and how they can achieve them. With routines in place, students will find themselves with more time for the things they want to do. Also, sticking to routines is all about self-discipline, and self-discipline is what it takes to reach any goal.
  3. As responsibility increases, so does students’ confidence. When you put your students in the driver’s seat and their parents reinforce that independence-building at home, they become more confident in their own abilities. Confidence means students are willing to ask questions and try new things, even if it means failing from time to time.
  4. Good routines minimize stress. Procrastination is a natural tendency of many students. Show yours that routines and a schedule help them make the most of their time, which gives them more time to enjoy their lives outside of school. Just like routines help your classroom run smoothly, they help students’ lives run smoothly too. 

Help your students establish good routines in the classroom and encourage them to stick with them. Your students might not understand the importance now, but as they progress through school, they will recognize that having routines in place for high school and college creates a solid foundation that will equip them for lifelong success.