Ideas to Revitalize Your Teaching Practices

By Huntington Learning Center

If you have been teaching for some time, it is easy to get into a routine, but it’s just as easy to fall into a rut. Whether you’re seeking better ways to reach your students or need to infuse a little energy into your processes, here are a few tips to revitalize your teaching practices:


  • Choose professional development that really lights you up. Yes, PD is required, but when possible, pick classes that are relevant for your position and current challenges. Good PD classes can also get you thinking about new ideas, introduce you to innovative practices, and help you figure out how to apply evidence-based research into your practices.


  • Take the initiative to learn from your peers. The other teachers in your building are some of your best resources. Pick their brains. Talk with others about what they’re doing, and share what you’ve been working on as well. Talk with your principal about instituting some sort of peer coaching program, formal or informal.


  • Build bridges across your school district or with other schools. In addition to collaborating with teachers within your building, find ways to establish connections with teachers in other schools. Seek out ways to visit other schools to observe their practices.


  • Infuse technology into your teaching. The opportunities to bring technology into the classroom today are seemingly endless. Spice up your units and lessons by taking a virtual field trip somewhere or by incorporating blogging, an app, or other tech tools. Get ideas from your school’s technology teacher or see if he or she might like to co-teach a lesson.


  • Read teacher blogs for new ideas, tips, and resources. There are many excellent ones out there that will get your creative juices flowing and get you excited about teaching and making an impact on students. Whether you seek instructional inspiration or technology tips, there are many blogs that can help you.


Need a boost? Try one or several of the above. You’ll get this school year off to a positive start, and your students will notice the difference!